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A group of 7 children in circles. There are 4 girls and 3 boys who have made friends at school

How do you make friends in primary school?

At one time or another, let’s face it, we’ve all had trouble making new friendsat elementary school. We’re then terrified that our children will go through the same thing when the new school year starts. As parents, we want our little ones to make good friends who help them to flourish and support them in […]

A young child who has fallen off his blue bike. He is crying and wearing a bicycle helmet, knee protectors and black protective gloves

Bike, skate, rollerblade: keep your children safe

Cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading are very popular activities for children. They allow them to expend their energy more effectively, while at the same time getting them away from their TV screens, phones and tablets. They also help them integrate into society by meeting new people who will later become good friends. That said, despite the […]

A group of 5 children with their backs to school. Each child carries a colored schoolbag or backpack

Back to school: Does your child prefer a bag or a satchel?

Before the last day of school has even begun, we’re already thinking about what to buy for the new school year. In addition to notebooks and other essential school supplies, bags and satchels are accessories that are replaced every year. They’re often put to the test by children, so much so that by July they’re […]

A young boy in a white T-shirt stands in front of a painting showing a child's umbrella and raindrops

Children’s umbrella: the essential for rainy days?

Every child enjoys the privilege of doing what the grown-ups do. Sure, wearing a raglan protects the whole body on rainy days, but using an umbrella, like Mom and Dad, is much more fun. Of course, you’ll need something to suit your little one’s size, but also with designs to suit his or her taste. […]

Two young girls sitting on the side of the road. One girl is wearing roller skates, the other is wearing rollerblades and a helmet.

Does your child prefer skates or roller shoes?

From an early age, children can become passionate about sport. Good physical activity is not only good for their health, but also for their intellect. Among the first disciplines they can be introduced to are skates and roller shoes. Each child has his or her own preferences between the two. It’s important to know your […]

A happy family lying on the grass. There's mom, dad and their baby in the middle.

What values should children learn?

Ensuring a bright future for your children isn’t just a matter of getting them into the right schools so they can find good jobs. Indeed, good studies make smart people, but a good education makes good human beings. So you need to instill values in them if you want to see them become good people. […]

A young blond boy wearing a green checkered shirt and a child's watch

Children’s watches: the latest trends 2024

Before browsing through a useful guide to learning to tell the time in a fun way, you need to buy your child a watch they’ll be proud of. To do this, you need to take into account a number of criteria, such as technology, design, motifs and comfort on the wrist. In this article, discover […]

A patrol poster with the ' hero dogs from the cartoon.

Pat’Patrouille, the phenomenon that’s shaking up our children

Having enjoyed worldwide success since 2013, the Pat’Patrouille show is attracting the interest of children. The puppies, heroes of the rescue, have won the hearts of little ones under the age of six. You may have heard this word (Pat’Patrouille) or a few slogans from the series in the mouths of your little ones. What’s […]

Fair games

Fun and games: 20 ideas and activities

With the school fete just around the corner, you’re looking for ideas for the end-of-year fair. Don’t panic! There are plenty of imaginative ideas for activities and games. Below are just a few of the best activities to delight young and old alike, while developing group cohesion and team spirit. Kermesse: 9 ideas for school […]

How to choose a children's cartoon

How to choose a children’s cartoon?

Children and cartoons are a true love story. However, as with films, these productions are classified by age group according to content, plot and graphics. In other words, a children’s program for your little one shouldn’t be chosen on a whim. Remember that every child has his or her own personality. Criteria for choosing the […]

Cooking classes for children

Cooking lessons for children: From what age?

Are you wondering at what age you can introduce your child to cooking? Is he or she too young to take cooking lessons? These questions from parents are perfectly legitimate, when you consider that the kitchen is a place of multiple risks: knives, ovens or electrical appliances of all kinds… This place is teeming with […]

Birthday gifts for children

Birthday gifts for children: 7 original ideas

Much more than a simple celebration, celebrating the date of birth is considered a ritual of passage. It’s an important moment that helps children understand that they’re growing up. To delight your child on this big day, it’s a good idea to organize a better party. And don’t forget the birthday present. After reading this […]

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