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The idea of sleeping alone in the dark frightens many children. To overcome this fear and ensure a good night’s sleep, the bedside lamp is the ideal solution. What is the purpose of this accessory for children? What are the most interesting models? This article tells you all about the children’s bedside lamp.

Why would a bedside lamp make a great baby gift?

If you have friends, acquaintances or office colleagues who are new parents, choosing their birth gift seems difficult. To unearth the best present, opt for a baby bedside lamp. There are several reasons for this choice.

First, the likelihood of duplication is low. The baby bedside lamp will be a unique gift. What’s more, it’s an affordable piece of equipment. Even on a tight budget, please your loved one with a gift of lighting.

What’s more, a bedside lamp is a useful accessory for babies from their very first days. So it would be a relief for new parents to have one. Your gift will save them the trouble of buying another one.

The accessory comes in several models. In our boutique, you’ll find an LED lamp with a pretty shade, a white or pink LED bedside lamp, a projection lamp, a pendant lamp… The accessory will bring a soft and pleasant luminosity.

The starry sky and galaxy projector nightlight

The projector nightlight is very popular. It’s an accessory that offers a unique experience to its users. As soon as it’s switched on, the light from thestarry sky bedside lampprojects an image of a starry sky into the bedroom. Your child will soon fall asleep and have a restful night’s sleep. Easy to fall asleep and good sleep quality – these are the advantages of this accessory. Your child will feel right at home.

The majority of child bedside lamps are equipped with speakers. They can be used as story-reading speakers. In fact, they carry a rich catalog of lullabies and fascinating stories. So you won’t have to worry about telling your child a story before bedtime. All you have to do is switch on your starry-sky nightlight to send your boy or girl into the arms of Morpheus.

What’s more, all functions are adjustable. Whether it’s the intensity of the light, the volume of the sound or the music to be played, you can change them as you wish.

The light from the “Sky and Galaxy Projectors” nightlights has no effect on your child’s visual faculties. It’s very soft and harmless. On the contrary, the light provides comfort and a sense of security. With a budget of around 50 euros, you can give your baby a top-of-the-range starry sky projector bedside lamp.

The tactile nightlight

Buying a tactile bedside lamp for your child is a great idea. The tactile bedside lamp has a simplified structure. The design is optimal and the finish is meticulous. The colors are attractive, because meticulously chosen.

Secondly, the touch lamp is disconcertingly practical. It’s easy to use. The advanced functions are well illustrated. Your child will be able to use it without difficulty. Just touch the device and it lights up. So when your child wakes up in the middle of the night, he’ll have no trouble turning on his nightlight.

Mobility is another plus. The compact, lightweight accessory is easy to carry.

It’s a customizable accessory. You can add your child’s name or nickname.

The manufacture of bedside lamps respects the ecosystem. The procedures require fewer natural resources and the lamp produces a minimum of waste, unlike conventional nightlights. In addition, touch lamps for babies are economical and energy-efficient. Their use will have no impact on your electricity consumption.

Why decorate your child’s bedroom with a bedside lamp?

The bedside lamp is a decorative accessory. It will add a touch of elegance to your child’s bedroom. It enlivens the look of the room and makes it more attractive.

The subdued light is pleasing to the eye. It warms the atmosphere and makes the room more attractive. Place the cloud-shaped lamp on the bedside table, for example. You can also place it on the floor or on one of your child’s toys.

The bedside lamp can be incorporated into any decor. However, study the color of the room before choosing. The result will be all the better. You can also play on contrasts and opt for a dark-tinted lamp in a child’s room painted with light colors.

Why choose the right bedside lamp for your child?

Choosing your child’s bedside lamp is a process not to be taken lightly. Visual comfort and the aesthetic appearance of the room depend on it. These criteria will help you choose. To begin with, analyze the lamp’s power supply. Opt for a nightlight that runs on batteries. Mains-powered systems expose themselves to the risk of failure in the event of a power cut.

You can also play with shape. You’ll find lamps in the shape of :

  • Caneton
  • Peppa pig
  • Star
  • Deer
  • Strawberry
  • Rabbit

As for the material, bet on silicone. It offers excellent illumination. When it comes to light color, rely on your girl or boy’s tastes and bedroom decor. However, bright colors are not recommended.