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For a child’s development, he needs several accessories, including a child’s footstool. What is it really? What are the features of this coveted item? Here’s what you need to know about this trendy children’s furniture.

What is a children’s pouffe?

The children’s pouf is a kind of cushion-chair. It’s a backless sofa devoid of wooden suspension. It is an indispensable piece in a child’s bedroom.

The pouf lends itself to many uses. It can be used for sitting, reading or studying. It comes in several different models. It takes its place near the carpet or your child’s bed.

Why is the pouf an excellent gift for children?

The pouf is a unique and original gift that will delight your child. Your little girl or boy will appreciate the seat’s compact appearance.

It’s possible to personalize this object. You can print their name or the image of their favorite superhero on the outer layer of the furniture. Your child will use his footstool to relax and unwind.

Why a children’s pouffe and not other furniture?

The pouf has specific characteristics. The first factor that makes it special is its optimum comfort. With a soft, supple pouf, your child will feel right at home.

Secondly, the seat offers perfect mobility. If your child wants to get some fresh air in the garden or sunbathe by the pool, you can carry the seat all the way there. The garden sofa and settee are not as easy to transport.

The children’s chair is easy to maintain. To clean stains on the surface, a few strokes with a sponge are all that’s needed. For tough soiling, remove the fabric cover and machine wash.

Can babies use footstools?

The children’s chair is also suitable for babies. For children, it’s a seating accessory, for babies, it’s a place where they can nap snuggled up in the soft teddy bear-shaped pouffe. It’s ideal for teaching babies to sit up. When he sits on the pouf, the absence of a backrest to support his back encourages him to sit up straight.

What’s more, its minimalist appearance is practical. In particular, the crown-shaped pouf takes up a minimum of space, unlike other learning tools. The furniture fits into small spaces. The pouf won’t clutter up your apartment or house. It can be stored in your closet or under your desk.

The pouf contributes to your child’s development. They’ll feel comfortable and at ease.

The children’s pouffe, an original decorating accessory

Children’s ottomans are particularly charming. Manufacturers haven’t skimped on patterns to make it a highly aesthetic furniture. The pouf thus has great decorative potential. It adds cachet to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The pouf blends into the living room decor. Placed next to your sofa or close to the reading table, the seat will add an aesthetic touch to the room, just like this beautiful striped model.

The children’s pouffe is a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom decor. It lends an original style to the room.

You can also install your child’s pouffe outside. Whether on the terrace or in the garden, this piece of furniture will find its place. It can withstand the heat of the sun and the wind.

Why choose the right footstool for your child?

Choosing a pouf isn’t a matter of chance, as your baby’s comfort depends on it. Many criteria will condition your choice.

The type of pouf is the first parameter. While rigid armchairs are suitable for adults, this is not the case for children. This furniture seems too solid for their fragile bodies. However, the pouf souplerponds to their need for comfort. It’s soft to the touch, comfortable and thick. The inflatable pouf is also suitable for babies.

The color of the furniture is the second factor to consider. Choose a model whose color matches his tastes. If he doesn’t have a preference, simply take into account the color of your child’s room.

The form is also an important criterion. While the usual geometric shapes are popular, animal and object shapes are more original. So you can offer your young child a pouffe in the shape of :

  • Panda
  • Bear
  • Giraffe

Choose a piece of furniture with reasonable dimensions. For a child, a 90cm x 60cm pouf is more than enough.

Finally, the material of the cover and the make-up of the furniture will determine your choice of children’s pouf. Choose a polyester or cotton seat. They cushion movements and are also resistant. Opt for a fabric cover. In addition to being hygienic, fabric prevents the risk of infection and allergies for your child.