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What is a children’s teepee?

A children’s teepee is a fun-looking tent. It’s a miniature house that shelters children while they play. Depending on dimensions, some models are assigned to little ones under 5, while expandable models can accommodate children over 10.

The teepee is an accessory in which children can play a variety of games. This children’s tent stands out for its minimalist design and infinite customizability. It consists of a fabric canopy and wooden or polyvinyl chloride poles to secure it in place.

Depending on the manufacturer, the fabric can be single-colored or multicolored and patterned. The pegs are usually painted natural wooden sticks. Depending on requirements, tipis are available for :

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Baby

You’ll also find tipis reserved for indoor use and models reserved for outdoor use in your garden. Sometimes, children’s tipis are equipped with doors and windows to give a bedroom or house look. What’s more, some tipi models come with a cushion, rug and some miniature furniture.

Why use a children’s tipi?

There are several reasons why parents buy a children’s tipi. Firstly, it’s the perfect toy forstimulating your kids’ imagination. It awakens their taste for adventure. In this nomadic dwelling, children create their own world and develop their inventiveness.

The children’s tipi is also a purposeful accessory. In fact, your children can use it as a space for entertaining, reading or storing their toys. In addition to these two advantages, the teepee is also a room-decorating tool.

When used in groups, teepees encourage social integration in children. In this way, the device teaches them to share and be attentive to the needs of others.

What’s more, playing in a tent requires a lot of movement. Your children crawl, turn and jump. Their mobility contributes to the development of their motor skills.

What models of children’s tipis are available?

These days, children’s tipis come in several types:classic,foldable, collapsible… Their choice depends on children’s needs, tastes and preferences. You’ll find models decorated like astronaut rockets, models specially designed for adventure enthusiasts, models for Indian fans…

Manufacturers also offer large portable tipis. These can accommodate many children. These mobile tents feature a sturdy frame to withstand the turbulence and violence of children.

Finally, there are children’s circus-style tipis, made from 100% cotton canvas and designed for both boys and girls. Models feature decorative elements such as fold-down doors, pockets and pom-poms.

What are the criteria for choosing a children’s teepee?

Several criteria come into play when choosing a high-quality children’s tipi.

Design and colors

When buying a tipi, design and colors are the first criteria to consider. Indeed, parents choose according to the decoration of their child’s room. Generally speaking, this is not a problem, as there are a multitude of tipi colors to choose from.

For girls, opt for a pink, purple, blue or white teepee. When it comes to design, give priority to stars, flowers and anything related to the world of fairies and princesses. For boys, choose teepees decorated with :

  • Characters
  • Dinosaurs
  • Moon and starry sky

When it comes to color, you can adopt teepees in green, yellow, orange or white.

The manufacturing material

Teepee fabrics are usually made from cotton, polyester or a blend of several materials. Before settling on your choice, make sure the material is reliable and sturdy.

Tipis made from thin canvas are at risk of damage. It’s therefore preferable to choose cotton tipis for your children, as a guarantee of durability.

Tipi dimensions

The other important criterion when choosing a children’s tipi is the size of the little hut. The size of this object is chosen taking into account the future location and the number of tipi users. Smaller models are designed for a single child. Larger models can accommodate 3 to 5 children. Note that these models can also be used by adults looking for a comfortable, intimate space.

How to maintain a children’s tipi

It’s important to clean the children’s tipi from time to time to prolong its life. When washing, pay particular attention to the canvas. It’s in direct contact with the ground and exposed to microbes and dust. It therefore deserves special care.

You’ll need a large basin of hot water, a pinch of baking soda and a soft brush to remove dirt without damaging the fabric. In the basin, dilute the baking soda in the hot water. This solution effectively removes dirt. Wash the fabric and rinse.

Sometimes, mold and mildew develop on a child’s teepee due to the heat. These organisms cause the fabric to tear. To eliminate them, spray the tipi with an acid solution (obtained by mixing water and white vinegar). Then moisten a cloth with warm salted lemon water and wipe the affected areas. To prevent mildew, keep your children’s teepee out of the sun and away from damp areas.

A children’s tipi should be serviced every 3 months or 10 weeks. This time may be reduced if the object is used occasionally.

Can you build your own children’s tipi?

It is possible to build the child’s teepee yourself. All you need is the basic materials. Check out the tutorials on the Internet. Anyone can build a children’s tipi in less than an hour.