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A child’s growth coincides with the development of his or her faculties. To help them grow, they need a musical instrument. Although it may seem trivial, a piano or guitar is a perfect choice to help your child become an accomplished man. Not all pianos are suitable. The choice must take into account certain criteria.

What criteria should you use to choose your child’s piano?

Certain criteria are undeniable when it comes to making the right choice of children’s piano.

Piano size

A small piano is easy to use. However, a piano that’s too big requires a lot of space and will be less portable. To find the right balance, consider not only the space available, but also the child’s age. If he’s 2 years old and has no notion of music, avoid a piano with more than 24 keys.

Piano keys

For beginners, consider a piano with light keys. However, the keys on real pianos are heavy. Moreover, heaviness impacts the quality of the music. To turn your child into a professional, choose a piano with heavy keys. Regular training will prepare him for a real piano.

The price of a piano

For a first musical instrument, there’s no need to break the bank. Give your child a suitable toy to start with. Our online store offers a panoply of inexpensive pianos suitable for children.

The piano-shaped musical mat

The piano-shaped musical matis equipped with sensors and batteries. Each key produces a sound. Thanks to the structure, there’s no need to worry about safety.

The piano-shaped mat is an ideal choice for giving children a taste for music. What’s more, this product resembles a real piano. Your child can play melodies as much as he likes.

The mat is playful. With drawings of animals, landscapes and characters, your child will enjoy playing on it. The mat helps him develop his intelligence and motor skills.

The piano in the shape of a landline telephone

The piano in the shape of a landline telephone won’t fail to amaze him. The instrument is an introduction to new technologies. It’s also a way to learn to play the piano.

The piano in the shape of a landline telephone is suitable for both boys and girls. Its attractive color makes it a real eye-catcher. You’ll find this product in orange and purple.

The piano in the shape of animals

To awaken your child’s taste for music, we suggest the animal-shaped piano. Wooden animal-shaped xylophone or plastic baby dolphin piano, you’ll find what you need in our online store.

Choosing an animal-shaped piano gives your child the foundations to boost his musical talent. His creativity and sense of imitation develop.

The electric piano

The electric piano shares all the features of a real piano. Your child can even add sheet music. It’s not heavy, and its keys are close to those of a professional piano.

The piano with microphone in our collection makes a perfect gift. Your child learns to play and let his talent express itself.

How do I choose the best piano for my child?

Children’s pianos are very popular musical instruments with parents looking to introduce their children to music from an early age.

However, not all children’s pianos are created equal, and it’s important to choose a top-quality instrument to ensure an optimal musical experience. High-quality children’s pianos are distinguished by their beauty and elegance. They are often made from superior materials such as solid wood, giving them exceptional strength and durability.

What’s more, these pianos are continually given a meticulous finish, giving them a luxurious, refined appearance. What’s more, top-quality children’s pianos are also characterized by their cleanliness and hygiene.

Our manufacturers take great care in selecting materials that are easy to clean and maintain, to ensure safe and healthy use for children. What’s more, these pianos are usually fitted with protective covers or storage boxes to protect the instrument from dust and scratches.

Finally, top-quality children’s pianos are also designed to be didactic and educational. They are usually equipped with special features such as illuminated keys or finger guides to help children learn more easily and quickly. What’s more, these pianos are often accompanied by learning books or educational programs to help children develop their musical talent. All in all, children’s pianos are great tools for teaching your child music, from an early age.