Musical piano carpet for children with a girl and a boy in the hallway
Musical piano carpet for children
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Musical piano carpet for children

24,90 $49,90 $

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Looking for a gift for your child? Choose this piano-shaped musical mat. He’ll love this instrument. Colorful, it will capture his attention. But above all, this musical mat will keep him entertained and amused during his free time. Your child will love dancing on this musical mat.

This mat is perfect for budding musicians. It features 37 keys that produce different sounds and melodies. Children can learn musical notes and have fun at the same time. The mat also features a recording and playback mode, enabling children to create their own compositions.

Easy to use

This carpet-shaped children’s piano is easy to use. Simply press down to operate. This toy is also safe for children. The material is high quality and environmentally friendly. The piano-shaped musical mat is a fun, educational toy that will help your child develop creativity and coordination. The mat features 37 keys that produce different sounds when pressed. Your child can learn musical notes while having fun. The mat is made from durable, washable fabric, making it very easy to care for. It is also foldable, making it easy to transport and store.

Playing music differently

This colorful and fun mat is designed for children aged 3 and over, and is perfect for helping them develop their coordination, creativity and sense of rhythm. The mat is made from high-quality materials and features bright, colorful piano keys that allow your child to play music simply by pressing the keys with their feet or hands. This musical mat is not only fun for children, it’s also educational. It helps children develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to follow instructions. It also encourages learning about music and stimulates creativity.