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Child alarm clock

It’s hard to control a toddler’s sleep cycle. He may sleep late and wake up in the middle of the night, disrupting his parents’ rest in the process. For other children, getting up early is a challenge because of a bad habit. In both cases, parents are obliged to rectify the situation. The educational alarm clock seems the ideal solution. What is a children’s alarm clock? How do you use it and what’s its purpose?

What is a children’s alarm clock?

Also known as educational alarm clocks, pedagogical alarm clocks or lucrative alarm clocks, children’s alarm clocks are playful devices. Its main role is to help little ones sleep and wake up.

Unlike the pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock and the ordinary plastic digital alarm clock for children, this object has been designed with children in mind. It features an alarm system with a gentle, soothing sound. For example, some models wake your child with encouraging phrases that prompt action. Others hum songs or piano notes.

These devices get children used to waking up and going to bed on time, so it’s a perfect product for your child’s bedroom.

How does an educational children’s alarm clock work?

The children’s alarm clock is a simple device to set. First, set the alarm times. Then place the accessory in your child’s room or at his bedside so he can hear it clearly.

Depending on the model, specify the different ring tones so as not to confuse your child’s routines. In other words, identify both the morning and evening times and rings to help your little one distinguish between day and night.

What’s the use of a children’s alarm clock?

While its function may seem pointless at first glance, a child’s educational alarm clock is very important for parents and children alike. It helps parents enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Indeed, a child who goes to bed and gets up any old how becomes a headache for parents. In the middle of the night, he or she wakes up and prevents the whole house from resting with shrill cries or wails.

The educational alarm clock corrects this behavior. It encourages children to sleep and wake up at a fixed time. But beware: the children’s clock does not solve insomnia.

The second benefit of a lucrative alarm clock is that it gradually teaches children the concept of time. Although they are still unable to read and understand the time because of their young age, they can easily distinguish between night and day. The educational alarm clock inculcates time management in them.

Children’s alarm clocks: at what age should they be used?

The educational alarm clock is not suitable for all children. Already, let’s remember that use of the device is forbidden for babies aged 0 to 2. The device disturbs their sleep.

From the age of 3, you can begin to accustom your child to the use of an educational alarm clock. Remember, however, that your child needs a regular, stable sleep cycle to thrive. Here are the sleep times to respect for a child:

  • 3 to 5 years: on average 10 to 13 hours of sleep;
  • 6 to 12 years: between 9 and 12 hours of sleep.

You then need to set his alarm clock according to his sleep time and allow him to better recover energy. And the sooner you get him used to the device, the better he’ll be able to use it in the future.

Which child alarm clock to choose?

Educational alarm clocks come in different models. You’ll find analog alarm clocks, digital alarm clocks, radio alarm clocks… Your choice depends on your child’s needs. Whether analog or digital, the playful alarm clock must be chosen with care. In fact, you’ll find everything you need in our collection.

A children’s alarm clock with robot deformation

This type of alarm clock is original. Its mechanism allows it to be deformed to transform it into a ball or a robot. With this lucrative alarm clock, your child can have fun before falling asleep and wake up in the morning. Available in a range of colors for boys and girls.

The alarm clocks come in a variety of designs. They are suitable for both boys and girls.

A pyramid-shaped multifunction alarm clock

This digital educational alarm clock is a very practical object. This device takes the shape of a pyramid. It features an LED light that will illuminate your child’s room during the night. In addition to its luminous, automatically programmed lighting, this alarm clock embeds :

  • a timer
  • a countdown timer
  • a musical alarm
  • a calendar

These various functions make the device a first-rate piece of equipment for your child’s bedroom.

The projector alarm clock

With its unique design and motif, ceréveil enfant en forme de dômepropose a singular display that presents the time in a completely different way. The device features a projector that projects the time directly onto the ceiling. This display is accompanied by a light that also acts as a nightlight.

The tea cup: a singular children’s alarm clock

This educational alarm clock produces a gentle beam of light in your child’s room, thus acting as a nightlight. But in addition to its light, this teacup also acts as an alarm clock. To save energy, the device automatically switches to standby mode after 30 seconds of inactivity.

To switch it on, you need to clap your hands or the table on which it’s placed. The tea-cup alarm clock is also available in a range of colors. So you’re spoilt for choice.

Criteria for choosing a children’s alarm clock

To choose the best educational alarm clock for children, you need to consider certain criteria:

  • Your child’s age
  • The alarm clock’s functions
  • The device’s autonomy

By taking these parameters into account, you’ll get an excellent product in line with your child’s needs.

Educational alarm clock: teaching your child how to use it

There’s no point in having an alarm clock for your child if he keeps interrupting your sleep or waking up late. You need to teach your child how to use it. To do this, explain to your child how the alarm clock works.

The aim is to teach him time management. He won’t be able to master the subject if he doesn’t know how the alarm works. So tell your child to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning, and to go to bed when it goes off in the evening – it’s an essential item in your son or daughter’s bedroom.