White pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock with turquoise light
Pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock
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Pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock

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Waking up in the morning isn’t always easy for children. Sometimes they need a little help. That’s why we’ve come up with this pretty pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock. It will look great in your boy’s or girl’s bedroom. This original, bright alarm clock will brighten up her bedroom and help her wake up on time every day.

The pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock is a modern, elegant alarm clock that goes with any decor. It features a light blue LED display for easy time reading. This original alarm clock has 4 tactile buttons for setting the time and alarm.

It can also be used as a nightlight, thanks to its night light function. The pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock is an ideal gift for all lovers of original design objects.

A multifunction alarm clock

This pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock features a color-changing LED. It displays the time and date. But that’s not all! This alarm clock for kids can also display the temperature in the room. Other functions include a countdown timer, musical alarm, timer… It’s an easy-to-use and very complete object, which will help to give children a sense of responsibility, so they can use it on their own to get up in the morning, for example. It’s an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for them!

Pyramid design

With its unique design, it adds a modern touch to the interior decoration of your toddler’s room, while offering useful functionality. The pyramid is made of strong, durable plastic, guaranteeing longevity and resistance to impact. The pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock also features a handy snooze button that lets you set the alarm back a few extra minutes if you need extra sleep. This pyramid-shaped digital alarm clock is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style to their morning routine.