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Movies increase violence in children. How can they have fun without resorting to censoring their favorite cartoons? We suggest the children’s nunchaku. More than a toy, a nunchaku is a playful accessory.

Why give a child a nunchaku?

Nunchaku is the weapon of karateka. What about children?
Giving your child a nunchaku may seem like a controversial decision, but there are many reasons why it could be beneficial to their development.

First of all, nunchaku is a disciplinary tool that requires regular practice and constant concentration. By practicing with this instrument, your child will learn to focus on a specific task and persevere until he or she achieves his or her goals. In addition to discipline, nunchaku is also an excellent way for your child to stay fit and active.

The movements involved in nunchaku practice are very physical and can help strengthen muscles and improve endurance. It can also help prevent childhood obesity and related health problems. Nunchaku can also help your child develop respect for himself and for others.

Practicing this martial art teaches children to be patient, to work hard and to respect their instructors and peers. They also learn to take responsibility for their actions and understand that their choices have consequences. Finally, nunchaku can help your child develop increased self-confidence. By learning new skills and mastering complex movements, your child will gain confidence in his or her abilities.

This can translate into better performance at school, better communication with others and a greater readiness to take on life’s challenges. In conclusion, giving your child a nunchaku can be a wise decision for parents looking for a fun and interesting way to teach discipline to their child.

A means of distraction

Children compare themselves to movie and cartoon characters. To imitate them, your child plays karate, a dangerous game. Nevertheless, with a child’s nunchaku as a toy, you enable him to have fun in complete safety.

Nunchaku provides a healthy and useful distraction for building personality. The child will want to practice nunchaku, will show perseverance and develop an interest in the accessory.

A sports accessory conducive to development

Nunchaku movements require effort. The child therefore engages in a sports activityfavorable to his or her development.

Your child will learn to build muscle. He’ll work on his endurance and patience. The movements to be made with the nunchaku will help him keep his balance.

How to choose a nunchaku?

Our collection of children’s nunchakus offers you a multitude of choices.


The size is an important criterion when choosing toys for your children. If the nunchaku is too long, the child won’t be comfortable with its movements. A nunchaku that’s too short will be a source of discomfort.

Check the nunchaku’s size before buying. If possible, test it with your child. In general, you’ll need an accessory measuring around 28 cm.


You’ll find wooden nunchakus, iron nunchakus and many others. However, these materials are not suitable for your child.

Opt instead for lightweight materials, such asfoam or sponge nunchakus. Designed for children, these accessories ensure their safety.

The color

Choose a nunchaku adorned with your child’s favorite color. Red, blue, green, black or yellow, you’ll find what you need in our stock.

You’ll also discover patterned nunchakus.

The foam nunchaku

To learn nunchaku without risk, we suggest the foam model.

The foam nunchaku has a length of 26 cm, which is ideal for children. Your child will develop reflexes that are conducive to growth. Don’t hesitate to help during training sessions.

Children’s foam nunchucks are a safe and fun alternative to traditional wooden or metal nunchucks. Nunchakus are a Japanese fighting tool consisting of two sticks connected by a chain or rope. They have been popularized in martial arts films, but their use is also common in Asian martial arts.

However, traditional nunchakus can be dangerous for children, as they can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. This is why children’s foam nunchakus are a safer option for young martial artists. Children’s foam nunchakus are made from soft, lightweight materials, which offer protection against accidental blows.

They are also designed to be easy to grip and handle, enabling children to train safely without risking injury. Using children’s foam nunchucks can help children develop their coordination, balance and agility. The fast, fluid movements required to wield the nunchucks can also improve concentration and discipline.

What’s more, using children’s foam nunchucks can be an excellent way for kids to channel their energy and aggression in a positive way. Martial arts are known for teaching respect, patience and self-control.

The sponge nunchaku

Our sponge nunchaku features a chain. We have yellow, black and many other sponge nunchakus. All you have to do is make your choice.

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