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Kids love music. So give them a CD player for their birthday. There are many advantages to using this tool. CD players come in a wide range of models. The ideal choice of the best audio player should be made according to a few parameters.

Why give your child a CD player?

A CD audio playeris used for listening to music. Despite the rise of smartphones, it remains fashionable among children. By giving your child a player, you’re giving them a symbol of your attachment to them. Indeed, any child would be proud to have this gadget.

A CD player protects against the inconvenience of cell phone screens. So opt for a player to alleviate these problems.

What are the different types of CD player for children?

Several CD players are available in our online store. They are classified into two groups: portable CD playersand classic CD players.

Portable CD players

Children’s portable CD players are on trend. These are sets that kids can take with them at all times. Features vary from model to model.

Portable CD players are Bluetooth-enabled. This feature gives the opportunity to listen to sounds from other devices such as cell phones or computers.

Portable CD players have an auxiliary socket for connecting :

  • Headphones;
  • An earphone;
  • A speaker;

Also, portable CD players operate with a battery whose autonomy varies from one brand to another.

Classic CD players

The classic CD players are older models. They are not easy to move around because of their weight. These players are less advanced in terms of functionality.

What’s more, classic CD players have no battery. Users are obliged to connect them to a power source. Note that these players can read both CD and DVD formats. Like other models, they feature a port for headphones.

The portable round CD player

Like all CD players, this one has a round shape. Very light (500 g), this type of device has a 3.5 mm interface making it simple to use.

The design of the portable CD player will attract the attention of children. You can choose between monochrome and multicolor models, depending on your child’s taste.

You can also copy lessons onto the player. These devices have several features:

  • Bluetooth ;
  • SD ;
  • FM radio ;
  • AUX.

The portable CD player has a USB port and a port for headphones. For on-the-go use, this tool has a rechargeable battery.

How to maintain a children’s CD player

Whether classic or portable, you need to maintain your child’s CD player. The operations are delicate. The first thing to look after is the lens. Be careful, because this element is fragile, clogs up quickly and is easily disturbed. If you don’t handle it properly, you risk an inability to play.

To start cleaning, you can use a cleaning CD. Once inserted in the player, let it run for a few hours.

The next step is to open the player to remove the dust. Before doing so, remember to remove the battery or unplug your device. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the device. The same operation can also be performed with compressed air. Finally, use an abrasive cloth soaked in alcohol to clean the lens.

How to choose a children’s CD player

There are several parameters to consider if you want to give your child a CD player.


The first parameter to consider is the design. Go for original decorations.

For boys, choose players adorned with drawings of heroes. For girls, models decorated with princesses or castles are perfect.


Children tend to carry their objects everywhere. So, if the CD player is fragile, you’ll notice malfunctions. When buying, opt for a model that’s shockproof and waterproof. Take the time to read the instructions.

Mobility and functionality

Make sure the device has a handle. Also, the total weight of the device must not exceed 2 kg. The reader must be powered by a rechargeable battery. These parameters determine the mobility of the CD player.

The device must have at least FM radio capability and a USB port for listening to music stored on a USB stick. You can also choose a model with a built-in microphone.

To nurture your child’s passion for music, don’t hesitate to give him or her our CD player – it’s incredible!