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Children’s roller skating collection

Skating is a physical activity suitable for all ages. This sport excites many thanks to its multiple benefits. To encourage children to take up the sport, provide them with a pair of rollerblades. Given their varied shapes, their choice depends on several parameters.

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Why give your child rollerblades?

Rollerblades are wheels attached to shoes and used for skating. The accessories are practical for children. They work on their balance and improve their dynamism. Children also optimize their concentration.

Inline skating is a group activity. Accessories therefore promote children’s socialization.

Luminous rollerblades

Aluminous rollerhas wheels adorned with LED lights. The light effects are available in several colors.

Some luminous models have removable wheels that transform into classic sneakers.

Adjustable roller skates

Rollerblade models feature adjustable skates. They incorporate a system for setting the propulsion speed.

The adjustable rollers are sold with 4 wheels of different sizes. Adjustable rollerblades in the shape of quads feature Velcro straps that adapt to children’s feet. Size is no longer an issue.

Finally, some adjustable rollerblades are also illuminated.


Quads are rollers with 4 wheels arranged in two rows on either side. These models give priority to stability. Quads are light, maneuverable and suitable for beginners.

4-wheel rollers are equipped with shock absorbers and brakes. Shoes also make it easier to learn skating techniques, such as :

  • avoiding obstacles
  • changing direction
  • rolling in town

Using quads puts a strain on the legs and knees. They are suitable for introduction to skate games.

Why choose the right children’s rollerblade?

Good models ensure a good experience and provide good support. Giving rollerblades to your child is an excellent idea for several reasons.

First of all, the quality of the rollerblades is a key factor to consider when making a purchase. Quality rollers guarantee your child’s safety while riding, and prevent accidents. Secondly, roller skates can be beautiful and personalized to suit your child’s tastes. Bright colors and fun patterns make rollerblades attractive to children and make them want to use them.

What’s more, rollerblades are a fun sporting activity for kids. They can have fun while getting exercise and developing their balance and coordination. They’ll have hours of fun, burn off energy and enjoy the effort of rollerblading.

Children can also make friends by rollerblading with other kids. It’s an easy and practical way to make friends on the playground.

Last but not least, giving your child rollerblades is a great way to encourage them to take up regular sporting activity. Children who engage in regular physical activity tend to be fitter and healthier than those who don’t. All in all, giving your child rollerblades is a great way to have fun while exercising and developing their physical skills. When they’re older, they’ll thank you for all the fun and enjoyment they get from rollerblading. With quality rollerblades, your child can roll safely and enjoy this fun sporting activity to the full.

Enjoy a good skating experience

Beginners find it hard to get to grips with unsuitable skates. Serrated shoes develop blisters. So check the size of your skates before you buy.

Choose skates with rubber brakes and rigid plastic or aluminum decks.

For shock resistance, choose rollers with polyurethane or polyethylene wheels.

Wheel lengths are between 70 and 76 mm.

Guarantee good foot support

Poor-quality insoles are responsible for pain and injury under the soles of the feet. You need to consider the quality of accessories when purchasing.

Opt for roller skates with Velcro straps at the front. They adapt the skate to the size of your feet.

How to maintain roller skates

Maintenance operations involve checking the condition of roller skates. If possible, detach parts (wheels, laces, soles) for cleaning. If a rusty screw is difficult to loosen, spray it with a solution.

After cleaning, lubricate the bearings to facilitate skating. Soak a cloth in lubricant. Then run the cloth over the bearings. Screw the wheels back on too, and check the condition of the laces, strap and soles.