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One of the most essential items of clothing in a child’s closet is a pair of shorts. The garment has stood the test of time, and has become a timeless piece of clothing. You’d like to buy one, but you’re stuck? It’s hard to choose among the variety of styles, cuts and models available in our collection: Bermuda shorts, pantacourt, cargo shorts… This guide will help you make your purchase.

Why shorts and not other garments

Shorts are a casual outfit. Its practicality makes it a must-have item. To wear them, your child doesn’t need your help.

What’s more, it’s one of the few garments that lends itself to all occasions. Whether you’re going to class, for a walk or for a sports session, shorts are just the thing. They’re an all-purpose item.

The ventilated structure helps the skin to breathe. That’s why shorts are the summer outfit par excellence.

The article comes in a plurality of styles and cuts. You’ll find short styles, long styles, cuffed shorts, knit shorts, fleece shorts. The article also offers infinite possibilities for adornment. Models embellished with belts, pockets and buttons are abundant on the market. Printed shorts are on trend, but plain shorts in navy blue, white and black are still popular.

Corduroy shorts

If you’re struggling to choose a pair of shorts, try the ribbed corduroy model.

The advantages of the material

Velvet is synonymous with luxury. It embodies all that is noble. Velvet shorts are therefore an elegant garment with meticulous finishing touches. This garment is ideal for a family outing.

Secondly, these shorts are remarkably soft. Your child will love the feel of the garment against his or her skin.

This is a hard-wearing garment. Behind its soft appearance lies great robustness. Velvet is a solid material that stands the test of time and wear.

How to care for corduroy shorts

Corduroy shorts have the advantage of being easy to care for. No need for the services of a professional launderer. The outfit can be washed by hand in cold water. To treat stains, simply apply detergent or liquid soap and rub.

Corduroy shorts do not tolerate bleach. This solution discolors the garment.

After washing, run the item through an iron or hand-ironer for smoothing.

The pleated linen short

Corduroy shorts are winter wear, while the pleated linen model is summer wear.

The characteristics of pleated linen shorts

The outfit offers optimal freshness. This is one of the properties of linen. As a result, these pleated linen shorts are the garment of choice for summer. The fabric of the shorts absorbs moisture. As a result, skin stays fresh.

The outfit is ecological. It’s an original way to teach your child the importance of respecting the environment. Its design requires no chemicals. The manufacturing processes produce little waste.

Finally, the pleated look gives the shorts a glamorous style.

How to care for linen pleated shorts

Pleated linen shorts are quite fragile. It cannot withstand machine washing. Wash the article by hand. Take care when hanging and ironing.

The ripped jean short: the ideal summer outfit

Ripped jean shorts are a trendy outfit. Their size and design make them a popular summer style.

The neutral-colored ripped jean shorts go with any outfit. Pair with a t-shirt or blouse. For old-school streetwear style, combine shorts with a loose-fitting top.

What’s more, ripped denim shorts offer real comfort. They give you freedom of movement.

Made from cotton, the garment is hypoallergenic. It will protect your child from allergy risks.

The affordable item will only cost you between 10 euros and 30 euros.

How to choose your child’s shorts

Several criteria will condition your choice of shorts. First, you need to take into account your child’s age. Also check the outfit’s references before buying.

Then consider the material. Cotton is still the best choice, but linen and velvet have interesting properties.

As for the decorative elements, choose the model according to your child’s preferences. While girls prefer plain outfits, boys appreciate shorts with stripes or animal motifs.