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Kids’ puzzle mat

At Enfant World, we know that parents’ concerns, questions and emotions are many.

The products from the experts in our store will help you to understand your child’s needs as well as possible, and thus provide the greatest possible comfort in this risk-free play.

A wonderful children’s bedroom with a trendy style that’s at once soft, warm and high quality, and offers optimal storage. When children come home after a long day at school, they’ll be delighted to find this comfortable, welcoming play mat on the floor of their bedroom – it’s the best part of the day.

All year round, we bring you exceptional products and offers, so it’s up to you to make the perfect choice.

So, between our advice and our products, you’ve got everything you need to become the perfect expert parent!

These modular play mats are specially designed to be both playful and durable, making them ideal for children of all ages. And because they’re easy to assemble and disassemble, you can create endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

Whether your child is crawling, walking or running, our play puzzle mats will provide hours of fun. With their bright colors and fun patterns, these mats are sure to become household favorites. And because they’re specially designed for kids, they’re super easy to clean and maintain.
Give your child the gift of hours of fun with one of our puzzle mats! Our store offers perfect service!

Discover our collection of puzzle mats for kids

The experts at Enfant World have selected for you a wide range of rugs that will create a magical and comfortable space that is present in all our rugs for your children.

We offer a wide choice of rugs in different colors, formats and patterns.

You’ll find theperfect rug to suit your child’s bedroom decor or for your home.

Choose from our wide selection of rugs, the one that will create the most beautiful and comfortable space for your children.

Puzzle rugs are perfect for children, promoting their development while they play.

They also help develop their imagination and creativity.

Enfant World offers a wide selection of puzzle rugs that will make your child’s room more magical and comfortable, and are available in a range of colors, including gray, beige, blue, white and more.

Choose from our wide selection of floor mats the one that will create the most beautiful and comfortable space for your children.

Developing children’s powers of concentration

Developing children’s ability to concentrate is a major challenge for parents and educators. Children are naturally curious and often find it difficult to stay focused on a task for a long period of time and melt non-stop use of their accessory or object in their room.

However, there are effective ways of helping children develop their powers of concentration. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to encourage children to be resilient. This means learning to persevere even when things get difficult or boring. To achieve this, parents can suggest activities that stimulate the mind and require concentration. For example, a puzzle mat can be an excellent tool to help children develop their powers of concentration.

Puzzles are games that require patience and perseverance to solve. When working on a puzzle, children need to concentrate on each piece and try to find where it fits into the overall puzzle. Puzzles are also beneficial for children and babies, helping them to develop their fine motor skills. By manipulating the puzzle pieces, children improve their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

In short, to help children develop their powers of concentration, it’s important to offer them activities that stimulate their minds and force them to persevere. Foam puzzle mats are useful tools for achieving this goal, and are an excellent game.

Choosing the right puzzle mat for kids

How do you choose the right mat for your child? This is an important stage in their development. Foam EVA mats are an excellent choice, as they offer a soft, comfortable and durable surface for toddlers learning to crawl, walk and play, awakening mats is ideal for your child cars, they are soft.

Color is also an important consideration when choosing a children’s puzzle mat. Bright colors, such as beige, blue and white, can help stimulate their visual development and color learning. Large puzzle mats with numbers and letters are a great way to encourage early learning in children.

They can help develop number and letter recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination. It’s important to choose a good-quality, non-toxic puzzle mat that will stand up to daily wear and tear to protect your floor. Be sure to check the materials used in the mat’s manufacture to ensure that it is safe and non-toxic for your child.

We have several models for your child, if he prefers the foam mat with numbers like this puzzle play mat with numbers pattern 10 pieces foam for baby, if your child prefers with colors, then choose this colorful puzzle play mat foam for kids.