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Children’s backpack collection

The children’s backpack collection is the perfect accessory for budding little adventurers. With unique designs and fun patterns, these bags are not only practical, but also very cute. Each bag can be personalized with your child’s first name, making them an ideal gift for a birthday or special occasion. Made from high-quality materials, these children’s backpacks are durable and long-lasting. The soft velvet and adjustable drawstring ensure optimum comfort for your little boy or girl. The varied designs suit all ages and personalities, from dinosaurs and unicorns to stars and cars. These children’s backpacks are also practical for family outings, trips or school activities. They can easily hold toys, snacks, books and other children’s essentials. What’s more, their compact size makes them easy for little hands to carry. All in all, the children’s backpack collection is a must-have for any parent concerned with style and functionality. With customization options and unique designs, these backpacks are an excellent choice for children of all ages. Give your child a backpack they’ll love to use and be proud to show off to their friends.

What are the criteria for choosing a children’s backpack?

The choice of a mini backpack takes into account certain criteria, if your child is a big fan of the Pokémon saga, he’ll love our collection of Pokémon backpacks,if he’s a fan of One piece, we also have a great choice of One Piece backpacks.

The size of the backpack

It’s important to get a backpack that matches your child’s height. The top of the bag should be between 2 and 5 cm below the shoulders. It’s best to choose a bag that meets the child’s height.

For a child in kindergarten, a bag 27 to 34 cm long and 25 cm wide is recommended.

Make sure the bag includes kits, like our Pokémon Go backpack with kit, to allow your child to keep his accessories.

The comfort of shoulder straps

When shopping, opt for a bag with padded, adjustable shoulder straps that are padded above the shoulders. Avoid narrow straps. The size of the back of the shoulder straps should be adapted to your child. Shoulder straps should be 5 cm wide for comfort.

We recommend backpacks with a belt to distribute the weight. Our pat ‘Patrouille backpacks meet this requirement and guarantee children’s comfort.

The durability of the backpack

Durability is an important point. Choose a sturdy bag with meticulous finishings.

Opt for waterproof bags to protect your child’s belongings. Check the stitching too. Choose a model with bordered seams on the inside. Make sure your bag has no unfinished edges.

This way, your child will be able to keep his accessory for as long as possible.

The design of the backpack

When making your purchase, you’ll need to take backpack design into account. At this level, only your child’s preferences will enable you to make a good choice. Nevertheless, there are standard models.

Children under 3 years of age are interested in pat ‘Patrouille backpacks. These backpacks are made from high-quality materials. What’s more, they come in a range of colors.

For children aged 4 to 12, choose a small bag. You should choose a backpack 35 cm long. Our Minnie backpack with polka dots would be a good choice.

For teenagers, it’s best to leave the choice up to them.

When it comes to schoolbag color, you can choose between pink, blue, black and gray.

A multifunctional backpack

This is an important criterion. Make sure the bag has several pockets. This allows your child to better distribute the weight on his shoulders.

You should choose a bag with several sections to hold textbooks and all school supplies. Also, make sure the bag is practical. Take a Spiderman 3D backpack, for example.

For girls about to start middle school, we recommend a stylish bag like the glittery glitter backpack for girls.

How to clean a child’s backpack

It’s important to take good care of the bag. When you smell an odor or notice a stain on the bag, resist the temptation to put it in the washing machine. It risks damaging the padding.

Empty the bag first. Then proceed with cleaning:

  • prepare a solution of lukewarm water and washing-up liquid or mild soap;
  • soak the bag in the mixture;
  • Using a brush, scrub the fabric to remove dirt.

You can use a cloth or sponge.

Afterwards, dry the bag in the sun while turning it inside out. This trick protects the outer part from color deterioration as a result of being blown out in the sun.

Finally, add a cup of baking soda to the inside of the bag. Leave for a few hours. This will neutralize odors.

The fashion for original children’s backpacks

The fashion for original children’s backpacks is taking schools and playgrounds by storm. Parents are looking for backpacks that reflect their child’s personality while being practical and functional.

And what could be better than backpacks featuring superheroes, cartoons or models of courage to stimulate our little ones’ imagination? Children’s backpacks have come a long way from simple burlap bags. Today, they’re available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. For the very young, it’s possible to combine a passion for cuddly toys with the usefulness of schoolbags to initiate their joy for school. Choose the plush Pat’ Patrouille backpack.

Children’s backpacks are not only useful for carrying books and school supplies, they can also be used to carry snacks, toys and even a change of clothes. Children’s backpacks featuring superheroes are particularly popular.

Kids love superheroes and often want to be just like them. With a Superman, Batman or Spiderman backpack, kids can feel like they’re part of the superhero team. Backpacks with superheroes are also very practical, as they usually come with pockets and compartments for storing school supplies. Children’s cartoon backpacks are equally popular.

Children love cartoon characters and often want to take them everywhere with them. With a Pokémon, Mickey Mouse or Peppa Pig backpack, children can feel like they’re part of their favorite cartoon.