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Creating an environment conducive to a light, soft and comfortable sleep for your child involves the use of multiple accessories, in this case a soft mattress, a clean white sheet, pillows, a soft blanket and especially a comforter. The latter must be selected with great care. Its main role is to maintain optimal warmth for your child all night long. Discover our collection of children’s comforters in a variety of designs.

Quilts in a child’s bedroom

For the sake of comfort, your child’s bedroom deserves special attention. The room should be furnished and decorated to suit his or her tastes. Consider shimmering colors, impeccable storage, optimal lighting with a bedside lamp, decorating to the highest standards and a large sleeping area.

When it comes to sleeping space, it’s not enough to have a good bed and mattress. You also need to make sure that the pillows and couettes are top quality. So, for a restful night’s sleep, opt for a premium organic comforter.

Then focus your attention on the blanket. The choice varies according to your child’s age and size. Take into account the material of manufacture. You can choose between:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Bamboo
  • Down

Surveys indicate that the comforters most used for children are cotton and synthetic comforters. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages.

  • The cotton has the particularity of retaining warmth and providing a soft sensation on touch. However, a cotton comforter can make the skin sweat;
  • The polyester, meanwhile, is recognized for its hypoallergenic characteristics that promote temperature regulation.

When it comes to decoration, children’s cotton and polyester comforters are adorned with a plurality of motifs: cartoon charactersor animals. Of course, you’ll find neutral white comforters and colorful models (pink, blue, yellow…). Nevertheless, children’s comforters with a 3D horse motif, comforters with aMickeyand PrincessDisneyprint for your daughter, andPokemon comforters for your little boy are swarming the market.

Why choose children’s comforters with patterns?

Patterned comforters are a children’s delight. Adapted to a cover, they favor deep sleep. On the other hand, a poor-quality comforter can be seen in the child’s behavior. He’ll tend to push the cover aside. With a baby, comforter quality is difficult to detect. In most cases, your baby will wake frequently throughout the night.

The other advantage of a patterned children’s comforter is maintenance. In truth, printed comforters are hand or machine washable, avoiding the risk of tarnishing, shrinking and fading.

What’s more, the price of buying a patterned children’s comforter remains very affordable on the market. It does, however, vary according to size and color. You’ll also find patterned comforters that offer excellent value for money. If you’re not sure, take a look at the customer reviews before making your purchase.

Children’s comforter with animal pattern

Want to embellish your child’s bedroom and provide a wonderful sleeping space? Start with his bed. Cover the mattress with a soft sheet, a bed linen set and lay a large pillow wrapped in a pillowcase in blue (for a boy) or pink (for a girl).

Don’t forget the patterned comforter. Choose a model adorned with animal motifs. This type of comforter will immerse your child in an exciting and peaceful world. Choose a comforter featuring your child’s favorite animal. Animal motifs are a great addition to any home.

In the case of a baby, opt for a light pattern and a soft material like cotton or polyester. If necessary, mix some of the two.

Note that bed linen usage varies according to your child’s age. Before the age of 18 months, a baby sleeps only on a covered mattress. Cluttering the sleeping area with various accessories can lead to suffocation and even sudden infant death. You can equip your baby’s cot with all the accessories he needs after he’s 18 months old. You should also make sure that the bed linen is large enough to accompany your child as he grows.

Before you buy, check the size of the cover. There is a standard size for children’s comforter covers, sheets and pillowcases. These dimensions depend on the size of the bed and the age and height of the child.

If you can afford it, you can order personalized blankets.

Children’s comforter with cartoon motif

Cartoons fascinate children. Each of them has their favorite characters. So choose a comforter having to do with his favorite cartoon or character.

You’ll find a host of comforter designs with cartoon characters on the market: Disney princesses like Snow White or Beauty in Beauty and the Beast, manga characters and heroes of all kinds. The 3D prints will delight your child.

What’s more, you can choose from a variety of colors, including blue, brown and purple. Just pick your child’s favorite color.

A pretty, trimmed comforter will create a friendly atmosphere in the bedroom. It will keep your child warm and improve the quality of his sleep.

How to choose the right weight and cover for your child’s duvet

Several parameters determine the quality of your bed linen set. First, there’s the envelope, which contains the filling. This is a device that prevents feathers and synthetic fibers from escaping from the comforter.

A good envelope promotes air circulation through the quilting. If the quilting is well done, the comforter will last for years. This saves you money and reduces heat loss.

Secondly, the gramming matches the weight of the blanket filling. It varies from 120 g/m (light blankets) to 500 g/m (often used during winter). We recommend choosing between 200 and 300 g/m. A good blanket weight is neither too thick nor too thin. You’ll also find children’s bed linens suitable for all four seasons, with two distinct weights for each season.

Ultimately, the comforter plays a vital role in the bedding of your home and especially your child’s bedroom. Whatever the bed linen design, the most important thing is that it suits your child’s needs and provides a light sleep.