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Dressing a baby or child is essential. Each season calls for a particular garment. It’s your duty to know what to wear. During the cold season, a bonnet is a great ally. Not only does it add pizzazz to your child’s clothing style, it also protects his or her head from the wind and cold of winter. How do you choose the right model? What criteria should you take into account? Here’s a list of the best hats available in our store.

The children’s dance hat

Thedance beanie is designed for children with a passion for dance. The accessory will keep your child’s head nice and warm while allowing them to concentrate.

Available in white, blue, gray, black, orange, pink, red, green or purple. It’s unisex, comfortable, lightweight and ideal for enjoying optimal warmth.

The knitted beanie with fur pompon

Theknit beanie with fur pompon goes with a myriad of outfits. This soft beanie adds a touch of class. It warms your child’s head and gives his outfit a casual touch.

This model is available in solid colors. It is designed for children aged 1 to 3.

The beanie with baby ears

The bonnet with ears for baby combines aesthetics and practicality. The accessory stands out for its little ears. This touch of whimsy is sure to win you over.

The beanie will keep your baby well covered against the cold during your outings around town and in windy places.

This beanie comes in several shades: burgundy, blue, brown, black, pink, yellow and red.

The knitted beanie with Among us pattern

Is your child a fan of the video game Among Us? Then what could be better than aamong us patterned knitted beanie?

As well as keeping his head warm, the beanie will surprise your child. The gift shows your attention to his passions and interests.

You’ll find them in a multitude of colors: black, orange, green, yellow for a stunning look. The Among us knitted hat is suitable for all seasons. It’s suitable for kids of all ages thanks to its flexible turn.

The wool beanie with double fur pompon

Wool occupies a privileged place in the ranking of quality materials. Thewool beanie with double fur pom-pom provides a pleasant feeling of comfort.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, its level of protection makes it a first-rate model. Suitable for children aged 1 to 4, this cap will keep your child’s head nice and warm. It’s available in a range of colors.

What other hats should you choose for your child?

The solid color crochet beanie is a sure bet for countering winter’s fallout. This model is suitable for both girls and boys. It’s made from a soft, thick and warm material. Available in a range of colors.

The cotton beanie is designed for infants. Perfectly suited to the cold, this model puts your baby at the top of the trend. The beanie offers remarkable comfort. Available in blue, yellow, pink and red.

Why buy a beanie for your child?

Cold weather threatens the health of newborns. To keep your baby warm, it’s advisable to put a bonnet on his head.

The bonnet improves the quality of your baby’s sleep. On cold winter nights, this accessory provides optimum thermal comfort. It will prevent night-time disturbances.

The accessory enhances your child’s outfit. It adds a touch of originality to a sober outfit.

The cap matches a thick parkabien that will keep your child warm.

Choosing the right hat for your child: what to look for

Although there’s an array of baby bonnet models to choose from, a few parameters will guide your decision. Your child’shead circumference is one aspect to study before deciding. Use a tape measure to measure your child’s skull. This will help you choose the right hat for your child.

The size of the hat is an equally important aspect. Depending on your child’s age, you’ll find the ideal size.

Next, analyze the material. Cotton or knit models are appreciated for their comfort and durability. Acrylic and wool bonnets are also renowned for their style.