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Why use a crib bumper?

First of all, the crib bumper results from an assembly of cushions that are arranged around the edges of babies’ cribs. It is first and foremost a decorative object. Indeed, it adds a special touch to the room. Secondly, it prevents children’s heads or limbs (hand or foot) from banging against the bars while they sleep.

It is therefore used to maintain the child’s safety during sleep. Better still, the bed bumper prevents your toddler from falling or injuring himself while asleep. It also prevents your baby from waking up repeatedly at night. In principle, this accessory can be used in any room in your home.

You can put several accessories in your baby’s crib bumper, such as :

  • Stuffed animals and toys
  • Small balloons

Nevertheless, check that the accessories are not dangerous.

What are the different types of crib bumper pads?

Manufacturers offer several models of bed towers: braided bed towers, classic bed towers and modular bed towers.

Braided bed bumper pads

The braided bed bumper is one of the most common shapes. Its configuration and practicality have a lot to do with it. It is suitable for newborns and is used to reduce their sleeping space. It’s made from child-safe materials like silicone down.

Woven bumper pads are suitable for both bar and hut beds used for older children. They are generally supplied with ribbons to secure them to the bed’s supports. The height and thickness to choose depend on your child’s age.

Classic bed bumper pads

The classic bed bumper comprises 3 pillows that are arranged at the level of the bed posts. Manufacturers leave a few spaces to allow the child a glimpse of his room. It is therefore unsuitable for newborns.

To guarantee baby’s safety, the classic crib bumper is slim, with supports that attach to the bars. In some cases, the height of the bumper is the same as the size of the crib, to prevent twisting.

Modular crib bumper pads

The modular bed bumper is a widespread model, because it’s versatile. It’s broken up into fabrics that fit over the rungs. As with the classic crib bumper, the modular crib bumper lets baby see his environment. It allows air to pass through, while preventing the child’s limbs from passing through the bars. It is placed on the inside edge of the crib to allow children to sleep gently. The modular cot bumper is suitable not only for newborns, but also for children over a year old.

How to choose the right crib bumper for your baby

To choose the right crib bumper for your baby, you need to think about the model and define the features. These criteria will help you do just that.

The size of the accessory

When choosing a crib bumper, the first parameter to consider is the size of the crib surround. In fact, there are both full and arched models. The full model goes all the way around the bed, blocking baby’s view of his environment.

The arched model fits beds 60 cm by 120 cm or 70 cm by 140 cm in size.

The material of the crib bumper

Also consider the material used for manufacture. Note that bumper pads come in velvet with polyester filling, cotton, lightweight fabric, silicone down…. The choice of material depends on the season.

In summer, cotton crib bumper pads are recommended. Their softness and elasticity make them comfortable for babies. In winter, a velvet bumper pad with a polyester filling provides warmth and comfort.

Finally, the ideal way to keep air flow to a minimum is with a lightweight fabric bumper pad. This is equally suited to winter and summer conditions.

The color of the bumper pad

Bed bumper pads come in a variety of colors. You’ll find multicoloredmodelsand unicoloredmodels. However, avoid crib bumper pads dressed in colors that are too light. They keep infants awake all night long.

Note that the choice of color depends on the interior design of your child’s bedroom. Keep color harmony between the bed, the furniture and the walls of the room.

A very easy-to-install tool

The bed bumper is an easy-to-install piece of equipment. Before setting it up, choose the best place to accommodate the bed. Then, define its orientation and install the bed. Then attach the various fasteners to the bars.

Remember to use double knots to reinforce the fastenings. To prevent baby from falling out of bed, secure the bumper pad. Insert it inside the bars to avoid suffocating the child.

When to use the crib bumper?

The crib bumper is suitable for newborns. It keeps baby warm on leaving the maternity ward and during his first six months. We recommend using it for the first three months. It’s at this age that the child starts to wake up and move around. The crib bumper will prevent him from bumping against the bars.