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Every year, rainy days disturb the minds of parents. How do you protect your children from the rain? The solution is simple: an umbrella. In our online store, we present our collection of umbrellas. Discover also our advice to make the right choice.

How to choose a child’s umbrella

The umbrella plays both safety and health roles.


Safety is an essential criterion. The child risks injury with the accessory. You need to buy an umbrella with simple opening and closing systems.

Also check the strength of the accessory. The child will be able to carry it without feeling encumbered.

Take a solid umbrella with a sturdy frame.


The size ensures the child’s comfort. So make sure the umbrella is neither too small nor too big. We recommend comparing the sleeve to the child’s arm.


The umbrella is a fashion accessory. We leave you the choice between a multitude of pretty umbrellas. You’ll unearth transparent umbrellas and patterned umbrellas. You need to take your child’s preferences into account.

The 3D animal-shaped umbrella

Choose an accessorywith animal motifs.You can opt for the umbrella with unicorn, cat or butterfly motifs.

For an original style, you can choose a 3D animal-shaped umbrella: cat, pig, shark. These umbrellas are available in a multitude of colors: blue, white, red and many more.

The transparent umbrella for kids

The transparent umbrella is a fashionable model. Some feature patterns that make the design more original. You can opt for a transparent umbrella with a floral or rainbow pattern.

Transparent umbrellas are unisex. It’s suitable for both boys and girls.

The pocket umbrella

With a pocket umbrella, your child will be able to take a walk with you with no problem.

Our children’s pocket umbrellas make a point of displaying a unique design. In our store you’ll find:

  • A mini cat motif pocket umbrella ;
  • A solid-colored mini umbrella for children;
  • A folding umbrella in Totoro motif for kids;
  • A mini pocket umbrella for kids;

Simply put it in your child’s backpack to carry around.

The superhero-patterned umbrella

For superhero fans, we offer the transparent cartoon motif umbrella for kids. The Disney-patterned umbrella would be a good choice for girls. For boys who swear by Spiderman, give them a Spiderman-patterned pinch-proof umbrella.

How do I make my child aware of his safety with an umbrella?

When it rains, it’s important to protect children with an umbrella suited to their size. However, the use of a child’s umbrella should not be taken lightly. It’s essential to observe certain safety rules to avoid any accidents.

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a high-quality, sturdy, waterproof umbrella. Plastic models are often the most suitable for children, as they are lightweight and easy to handle. It’s also advisable to choose an umbrella with flexible ribs to avoid injury in the event of impact.

Next, it’s important to teach children how to use their umbrella properly. They should hold the handle firmly and never point it at other people. It’s also important not to run with an open umbrella to avoid the risk of falling. As far as the classroom is concerned, it’s important to remind children that an umbrella is a fashion accessory and should be used with elegance. They need to learn how to hold it properly and close it gently to avoid damaging it.

Finally, it’s important to keep the umbrella clean. After each use, it’s a good idea to shake off any water and let it dry before putting it away. If the umbrella is dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. In short, using a child’s umbrella should be done with care and intelligence.

Why do kids love funny umbrellas?

Kids love funny umbrellas for many reasons. First of all, the quality of these umbrellas is often superior to that of classic umbrellas. They’re made from tough, durable materials that can withstand the elements and shocks. What’s more, funny umbrellas are frequently decorated with the effigy of popular heroes or cartoon characters.

Children love to feel close to their favorite heroes, and having an umbrella with their likeness makes them even happier. It can also encourage children to go out even when it’s raining, as they feel accompanied by their favorite character.

Funny umbrellas are also great fun. They can be decorated with colorful patterns, original shapes or fun accessories such as animal ears or funny eyes. Children love to play with these umbrellas and have fun in the rain, jumping in puddles. Last but not least, funny umbrellas can help children learn to love the rain.

Instead of seeing rain as a constraint, children can start to see rain as an opportunity to have fun with their funny umbrella. This can also help children develop their creativity and imagination by inventing stories and games in the rain. In conclusion, kids love funny umbrellas for their quality, original humor and atypical designs.