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Is your child musically inclined? Would you like to inspire them to play a musical instrument? In addition to the piano, a children’s guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments for children to use and handle. Our online store offers a whole range of children’s guitars to awaken the musician in your boy or girl.

The wooden guitar

If you want to pick up a wooden guitaras a toy, opt for a wooden model.

Wood: a lightweight material

Wood is light. It is thin and compact. As a result, your child’s musical instrument is lightweight. So he can move around with his guitar. Whether at home or on a family outing, your child can entertain himself with his toy.

Aesthetic material

Wood is an aesthetically pleasing material. Manufacturers have the facility to work this material into the desired shape. This is what makes wooden guitars so splendid.

A solid material

In addition to its lightness and aesthetic appeal, the wooden guitar is also highly resistant. The body of the musical instrument retains its condition despite repetitive shocks. Also, temperature variations and time have no effect on the toy.

The sound of a wooden guitar

Wood amplifies the sound of the strings. The sound quality is close to that of real instruments. By having fun playing the guitar, your child develops his or her musical ear.

Which wood to choose for your child’s guitar?

There are many possibilities open to you. However, prioritize solid wood or laminated guitars. They have better durability and are suitable for children.

The electronic guitar for children

The electronic guitar for childrenis a beneficial choice in several ways.

A toy akin to a musical instrument

This instrument is easy to handle thanks to the slim neck. Secondly, the resonance is clear. Your child perceives the sounds. What’s more, its body is not imposing. Your child can hold it in both standing and sitting positions.

A toy to entertain your child

To avoid boredom, the electronic guitar is an excellent choice. When your child is with this instrument, he doesn’t see the time go by. What’s more, it keeps him entertained while keeping his mind awake.

An instrument to boost your child’s mind

Playing with his electronic guitar boosts his self-esteem. When your child has fun with this instrument, he or she is full of confidence. You’ll feel more assured in his actions and words.

The patterned guitar

Children love guitars with pretty patterns. If you’re looking for a stringed instrument for your child, there are three possibilities.

The cartoon guitar

First, you can think of guitars bearing cartoon images. Children love cartoon series and love objects that remind them of them. For your daughter, opt for a pretty four-string guitar with a Snow Queen motif.

As for your little boy, a toy with Patrol character motifs will delight him.

The animal guitar

There are guitars with animal motifs. Children love toys with them. You’ll find guitars with duck, elephant or unicorn motifs.

The fruit-shaped guitar

Finally, fruit-shaped toys are a big hit. You can pick up a mini-guitar with strings in the shape of an orange.

The six-string acoustic guitar for kids

There are several reasons for choosing an acoustic guitar.

A toy designed in the image of a professional instrument

First, this toy looks like a professional guitar. The sound is strident and clear. This is due to the tightness of the steel or plastic wire strings. Secondly, it’s an instrument suitable for children.

A toy with size diversity

The acoustic guitar is available in different sizes. The size of the neck is proportional to that of the body. Nevertheless, take your child’s build into account.

The “folk” prepares the child for real instruments. However, make sure your child’s palm is sturdy before presenting this guitar. Its steel strings can hurt.