Multifunctional electronic guitar for kids
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Multifunctional electronic guitar for kids

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Introducing your child to music raises awareness of sound and develops his or her cognitive faculties. With this multifunctional electronic guitar, your child can learn music the way it should be learned. In addition to its realistic, stylish design, this children’s guitar also generates high-quality sound.

The multifunctional electronic guitar for kids is a versatile and fun electronic musical instrument. It can be used as an electric guitar, bass guitar, piano and organ. It features a built-in microphone, speaker, volume control and a selection of 4 playing modes.

Children can learn to play music by following the instructions provided, or by creating their own melodies. This instrument is ideal for children who love music and want to learn to play an electronic instrument.

A four-string guitar

This guitar is designed for children. To ensure easy handling, it has only four strings. The compact, lightweight design is perfect for both boys and girls. This multifunctional electronic children’s guitar is the ideal tool for little musicians. It features a wide range of functions and sound effects, allowing children to express themselves fully and develop their creativity. The guitar is also very easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. What’s more, it’s extremely robust and durable, so kids will be able to play it worry-free for years to come.

To express your creativity

The multifunctional children’s electronic guitar is a playful, educational musical instrument that lets children discover the world of music in a fun, interactive way. This guitar is specially designed for children aged 3 to 8, with dimensions adapted to their size and optimum ergonomics for easy handling. This electronic guitar offers a host of features to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. It features a built-in keyboard with several different sounds, as well as a recording function to enable children to create their own musical compositions. It also encourages artistic expression and self-confidence, allowing children to express themselves freely through music.