Round vase children’s alarm clock
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Round vase children’s alarm clock

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Treat your child to this round vase-shaped alarm clock. A waterproof device that works with water. Placed on your child’s bedside table, this clock not only guarantees a wake-up call every morning, but also plays a decorative role in the bedroom.

This round vase-shaped alarm clock is perfect for children. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel. The round vase alarm clock is also easy to use and read, making it ideal for children.

A 2-in-1 device

The round vase-shaped children’s alarm clock is the perfect accessory to wake your child up in the morning and brighten up his or her bedroom. An added bonus for toddlers is its compatibility with other bedroom furnishings. In fact, it goes perfectly with other objects such as stuffed toys or rugs. What’s more, you can place a plant inside, to bring a touch of nature to the bedside table. A very original idea! The design of the alarm clock is absolutely adorable: it takes the form of a small round vase in bright, cheerful colors. The numbers are arranged on the outside of the vase, so your child can read them easily without having to stand up or bend over.

An easy-to-use alarm clock

The body of the alarm clock is made of sturdy, shock-resistant plastic to ensure long-lasting use despite possible drops or knocks. The soft-touch finish ensures optimum comfort for children’s delicate hands. This alarm clock also features a practical snooze function that allows children to take a short break before the start of a new day. This feature can be activated by simply pressing a central button on the front of the round vase. It also features a versatile alarm system that lets you customize the ringtone to suit your little one’s melodious sound preferences. You can choose from a range of sounds, including natural noises, soft music and popular children’s songs. Its clear, intuitive symbols make it easy for your little one to understand how to manage the different options available.