Totoro children’s alarm clock
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Totoro children’s alarm clock

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Is your child a heavy sleeper? Equip their bedroom with this Totoro alarm clock.

This device will help him or her wake up early. He or she will no longer be late for school. The clock will help him regulate his sleep and keep to his schedule.

An emblematic character

This Totoro alarm clock is the perfect accessory to help your child start the day with a smile. Totoro, a fantastic creature from Japanese animated films, has large round eyes and pointed ears. His smile immediately makes children happy and enthusiastic to start their day. The beautiful color palette used in the design of the alarm clock adds an elegant touch to the room while brightening your child’s spirit.
All in all, it’s a must-have accessory for your toddler. It promotes good daily organization while adding a playful, cheerful touch to the family environment. Get your hands on this product now and enjoy those sweet early-morning wake-up calls!


Easy-to-see figures

The Totoro children’s alarm clock also features a dial with a clear time display, making it easy to learn how to tell the time. By pressing one of the buttons hidden behind its left or right ear, you can quickly set your alarm to suit your needs, waking your toddler up on time every morning.
The product’s technical pedigree is as impressive as its creative design: with a minimum power consumption of 3 watts, this gadget uses two standard replaceable AAA batteries, offering longer battery life than similar alarm clocks available on the market today.