Square wooden alarm clock for children
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Square wooden alarm clock for children

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Is your child having trouble waking up? This square wooden alarm clock could be the solution! We love its sober, simple and elegant design. Placed on your child’s desk or bedside table, this pretty alarm clock with electronic clock will add a magnificent decorative touch. But above all, it will sound an alarm to wake your child at the specified time every morning.

This square wooden alarm clock for children is made from natural materials. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel. The alarm clock has a smooth wooden surface and a sleek design that fits perfectly into your child’s bedroom. The hands are metal and the dial is plastic, making it highly resistant. The alarm clock also features an on/off button, time setting and alarm.

Easy to set up and use

Setting an alarm with this alarm clock will take your child just a few seconds. It’s very easy to operate. When the alarm goes off, all he has to do is press the button on top to stop it. The black hands are easy to read, giving your child a gentle wake-up call in the morning. This wooden alarm clock has a sleek, modern design that will fit in perfectly with your child’s bedroom. The white dial contrasts with the dark wood for a chic, elegant look.

A beautiful and functional object

Made from top-quality materials, this alarm clock is crafted from natural wood, giving it a warm, authentic look. With its simple, uncluttered design, this square alarm clock will fit perfectly into your child’s bedroom, whatever the decor. Thanks to its small size and light weight, it can be easily transported from one room to another. Finally, this square wooden alarm clock for children is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious parents. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, it’s not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly. Give your child an alarm clock that combines style, practicality and environmental responsibility!