Yellow bird alarm clock with black eyes and orange nose
Bird-shaped nightlight alarm clock
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Bird-shaped nightlight alarm clock

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This bird-shaped alarm clock will wake your child up on time every day for school or an appointment. In fact, it can be easily set to ring at a specific time. This luminous alarm clock can be placed on your boy’s or girl’s bedside table or desk corner.

This alarm clock has a built-in bird-shaped nightlight that lights up automatically when you press the alarm button. The bird is made of transparent plastic and the LED lights up blue. The alarm clock also features a USB port for recharging your phone or tablet.

Alarm clock and nightlight in one

This silicone alarm clock for children is multifunctional. In addition to its classic alarm function, it can also be used as a nightlight. The bird’s entire body lights up to diffuse a soft, pleasant light in the bedroom. Our bird alarm clock is a cute and fun alarm clock that will help you get your day off to a good start! It’s easy to use and has a built-in nightlight to help you fall asleep at night. The bird alarm clock also features a brightness sensor, making it ideal for children and the elderly.

An original shape

This nightlight alarm clock is a practical and aesthetic object that will delight young and old alike. Its original shape makes it a real decorative object for the bedroom or living room. It features an LED display showing the time and ambient temperature. It is also equipped with an alarm function that gently wakes you up thanks to a progressive ringing. The snooze function slightly prolongs sleep. This object allows you to wake up gently while adding a warm, relaxing atmosphere to the room.