Green frog alarm clock with big eyes and blue light
Children’s frog alarm clock
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Children’s frog alarm clock

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Does your child have trouble waking up every morning? To teach him good waking habits, equip his room with this frog-shaped children’s alarm clock. Its two eyes and little legs will attract his attention. Your child won’t be slow to put it on his bedside table. In addition to its decorative role, this alarm clock will also help him get up on time every morning.

Wake up smiling with this frog-shaped alarm clock! This adorable little alarm clock is perfect for children, with its bright eyes and mischievous smile. It’s easy to use and read, thanks to its large digital dial. What’s more, it has a loud, clear alarm sound to make sure you don’t miss a wake-up call!

A bright, intelligent alarm clock

This alarm clock features a small screen that displays the time. The screen also features facial expressions that encourage your child to sleep or wake up, as the case may be. Intelligent, this alarm clock lets your child know the temperature in the room at all times. The frog-shaped alarm clock is a playful, colorful alarm clock that’s sure to delight little ones! This alarm clock has a dual function: it can be used as a classic alarm clock with its digital dial and hands, or as a nightlight with its pretty frog that changes color. Kids will love this little frog to get their day off to a great start!

A multi-function alarm clock

This alarm clock features an easy-to-read digital display, with clear, luminous digits that let the child know what time it is without difficulty. It also features a snooze function, allowing the child to sleep for a few extra minutes. The frog-shaped alarm clock is easy to use. Simply set the time and alarm using the buttons on the back of the alarm clock. The alarm can be set to ring every day or only on weekdays, depending on the child’s needs.