Nightlight in the shape of a teacup with alarm clock featuring a dedicated cat on a magazine and an orange background
Tea cup nightlight with alarm clock
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Tea cup nightlight with alarm clock

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This cute nightlight in the shape of a teacup with a cat will be perfect to decorate your child’s bedside table. Original and modern, it also diffuses a soft light that encourages sleep and relaxation. What’s more, this nightlight displays the time for your child to wake up. It’ll teach your child good habits.

This nightlight is shaped like a teacup and has an integrated alarm clock. It’s ideal for tea-lovers and early risers. The nightlight turns on automatically when you plug it in and goes off when you switch it off. It also features a timer setting to switch on and off at preset times.

An easy-to-use nightlight

The tea-cup nightlight with alarm clock is a highly original product. It consists of a plastic teacup with a small lamp inside. This nightlight is ideal for children, waking them up gently in the morning. It’s very easy to use. After 30 seconds without activity, it automatically switches to sleep mode. To display the wake-up time, simply tap on the nightlight or make a noise, such as tapping on the desk or clapping your hands.

An adorable and practical nightlight

This nightlight has been designed to look like a teacup, with a little kitten sitting on the rim, as if it wanted to climb inside. It features soft, soothing LED lighting that will create a warm, relaxing atmosphere in your children’s bedroom, as well as making a lovely decoration. It can be used as a nightlight to help little ones fall asleep peacefully, or as an extra lamp for reading or working in the dark. What’s more, it’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry.