Long red solid wood rods for children
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Long red solid wood rods for children

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Discover another way to teach your little one concepts that aren’t always easy to grasp. Geometric shapes, the principle of length, the color red or what 5cm or 50cm represents… When you visualize things, you understand them more easily and, above all, you memorize them more deeply! It’s also a real opportunity to spend some quality time with your child.

The long red solid wood stems for children are perfect for gardens, courtyards and walkways. The rods are made of solid red wood. Ideal for your child to play with.

See and touch for a better understanding!

Explaining abstract concepts such as mathematics to our children is not always easy! With this set of red chopsticks, you’ll be helping your child to visualize precisely principles that aren’t always easy for our little ones to understand. The long red solid wood chopsticks for kids are made from high-quality solid wood. They’re ideal for children because they’re lightweight and easy to handle. The rods are painted bright red with a glossy finish. They measure around 30 cm in length and are perfect for imitation and construction play.

An excellent choice for DIY activities

Red solid wood long rods for kids are an excellent choice for craft and construction activities for young children. Made from high-quality solid wood, these rods are sturdy and durable, resistant to knocks and scratches. They’re perfect for construction projects, stacking games, tower building, bridges and tunnels. These red solid wood rods have a soft, smooth texture that makes them pleasant to the touch. What’s more, they comply with the strictest safety standards, guaranteeing children’s safety when playing and building with these red solid wood rods. In conclusion, red solid wood long rods for children are