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DIY 150x microscope
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DIY 150x microscope

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Does your child have a passion for biology or physics? Help them develop their scientific mind by giving them this small DIY 150X microscope. High-definition, it will enable your child to clearly observe different physical and biological samples. This children’s microscope is easy to assemble and handle.

This microscope is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and children alike. It’s easy to use and assemble, making it perfect for beginners. What’s more, it’s highly portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. This microscope is perfect for any science-loving child, enabling them to learn about their future.

A robust, durable microscope

Make a long-term investment in this 150X children’s microscope. Made from environmentally-friendly ABS material, it’s both robust and durable. This microscope will help your child develop his or her scientific mind. This microscope is ideal for children and DIY enthusiasts alike. It’s easy to use and enables detailed observation of objects. The microscope is equipped with an objective lens for clear, sharp images. The microscope is also equipped with an LED lamp to illuminate the object under observation.

To explore and learn

The DIY 150x microscope is a practical, easy-to-use scientific tool that lets science and DIY enthusiasts discover the microscopic world. This item comes as a kit, which means you can assemble it yourself, adding an extra dimension to your learning experience. It features a 150x magnification lens, which means it can enlarge objects up to 150 times their actual size. This allows you to see incredibly fine details on the samples you’re examining, which is particularly useful if you’re interested in biology, chemistry or physics.