Molkky - Finnish bowling game
Molkky – Finnish wooden bowling game for children
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Molkky – Finnish wooden bowling game for children

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Looking for a fun outdoor game to play with your child? Accessible from the age of 6, Molkky is the perfect game for family fun between young and old.

Finnish bowling, also known as Mollky, is played by 2 players or in teams. The aim is to reach 50 points to win the game! This game is not only fun, but also helps to develop team spirit, concentration, precision and mental arithmetic, ideal for children. Compact, solid and ecological, this game is made from natural beech wood. Perfect for outdoor use, take it everywhere with you on family outings!

The new game of the year!

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor game to play with the whole family, then you’ve come to the right place! Right now, Molkky is all the rage, and everyone’s getting into it! Perfect for family fun in the garden or on sunny outings, Mollky can be played by 2 or in teams. If there are children and adults, balance the teams between big and small. Made from natural wood, the skittles are sturdy and allow you to play on all types of terrain. The rules for this famous Finnish bowling game are very simple. The game is made up of numbered skittles and a throwing stick called Molkky. To score points, all you have to do is knock down the pins with the Molkky. The skittles are made from top-quality wood, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Molkky is an easy-to-learn, friendly game that can be played by all members of the family. It encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration and strategy, while offering a moment of relaxation and fun.

A unique gaming experience

Arrange the pins 4 metres from the player as shown in the image below: The player throws the Molkky, trying to knock down one or more pins. There are two ways to keep score: If the player knocks down only one pin, the pin number represents the number of points scored. If the player knocks down several pins, the number of pins knocked down represents the number of points scored. A different configuration for each player. Once the player has knocked down the pins, they are picked up in the exact position where they fell, with the number facing the player. As the game progresses, the playing area expands. The next player picks up the Molkky and tries to score points in turn. The pins must fall to the ground without touching other pins or the Molkky. If a pin touches another, it is not scored. May the best player win! To win the game, you must score 50 points, not one more! If your team exceeds 50 points, you automatically drop back to 25 points. Warning: If you miss your throw 3 times in a row and score no points, you’re out! If all players are eliminated, the last remaining player wins the game!