wall-climbing car
Anti-gravity remote control car 1:22 – Wall-climbing car

Anti-gravity remote control car 1:22 – Wall-climbing car

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Looking for a fun and original toy for your little monster? Then you\’re going to love this incredible anti-gravity remote-controlled car. Equipped with a powerful suction fan, this car is not only capable of speeding along any smooth surface, it can also climb walls and ceilings!

Ideal for young and old alike, let yourself be surprised by the incredible capabilities of this innovative remote-controlled car, and have fun with your child.

Additional information

Matériau: No selection


Dimensions: No selection


Distance: No selection


Inclus: No selection

Boîte originale,Télécommande,CÂBLE USB

Télécommande: No selection


Échelle: No selection


Tension de charge: No selection


Batterie: No selection

Lithium 3.7V/220mAh

Batterie de la télécommande: No selection

1.5Vx2 (AAA) (non inclus)

Temps de chargement: No selection

60-80 minutes

Temps d'utilisation: No selection

10 minutes