Mini blue motion sensor drone in a living room with a plant
Mini motion sensor drone for kids
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Mini motion sensor drone for kids

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Want to give your little monster a completely new gift? Introducing our brand-new motion-sensor drone for kids! A real flying UFO, it can be controlled not by remote control, but by infrared sensors.

This innovative feature offers an unparalleled driving experience, allowing your child to have fun on his own, or with others. Thanks to its intelligent flight function, the drone automatically avoids obstacles and reacts to your hand movements. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this is THE toy of the year your child will love!

Technology never seen before..

New technologies offer us more and more incredible features… which is why we’re bringing you this revolutionary new drone! It offers an extraordinary sensation and experience, thanks to its numerous motion sensors that enable you to control it, steer it and send it to your neighbor with just the movements of your hand. You and your child will enjoy piloting this incredible UFO of the future, and you’ll even be able to play together… Specially designed to entertain children (and even adults), he’ll enjoy playing with his new drone wherever he goes! Whether indoors or out, alone or with friends, your child will have hours of fun, and he’ll be able to take his eyes off the screen!

An intelligent, ultra-rugged drone

Not only can it be steered by the movements of your hand, but its design and intelligent sensors enable it to detect obstacles around it and automatically avoid collisions. As soon as an object or your hand comes within 10cm of the drone, it automatically moves in the opposite direction. If you don’t take any action, it will descend to a certain height and hover. Its 4 propellers enable it to rotate 360° on itself and hover. Made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly ABS materials, it is specially designed to withstand all types of impact and last over time. Even more beautiful and impressive to see at night thanks to its LED lights, it looks incredible when it’s dark and catches the eye immediately. Thanks to its two speed modes, choose the one that best suits the surrounding environment and the way you want to fly the drone. Press the power button and choose the green light for slow motion or the blue light for fast motion.