4-in-1 adjustable rollerblades for kids in blue and black with rainbow-colored wheels
4-in-1 adjustable rollerblades for kids

4-in-1 adjustable rollerblades for kids

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These 4-in-1 adjustable roller skates come with four different wheel sizes. Your child can choose from a wide range of possibilities. The machine-stitched synthetic leather covers are so soft they feel like a second skin, perfect for feeling the ground!

4-in-1 Rollerblades are the ideal solution for kids who want to learn to skate! They can be used as classic rollerblades, roller skates or skateboards. Adjustable wheels let kids adapt to their level and progress at their own pace. The 4-in-1 rollers are equipped with ball bearings for smooth gliding and optimum comfort. Adjustable straps keep feet in place, and wheels flash as you skate for an even more fun experience!

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