Wooden solar system with colored planets
The wooden solar system
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The wooden solar system

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Discover our wooden solar system to learn how the planets are positioned in relation to the sun and Earth. It features the 8 planets in the solar system and the sun in yellow. You can easily explain all this to your child with our puzzle.

The wooden solar system is a wonderful educational toy that allows children to learn while having fun. This toy is made from high-quality wood and non-toxic paints, making it totally safe for children.

The solar system’s parts are easy to assemble and handle, making it perfect for children of all ages. The wooden solar system is a great way to teach children basic astronomical concepts such as planets, stars and galaxies. Children will also learn how our solar system works thanks to this educational toy.

Getting to know the planets

This wooden game lets children learn more about space, planets, the sun and the moon. Let your children know that the Earth is one of many planets in our solar system, with the sun at the center and a moon that revolves around the Earth. The wooden solar system is a fun, educational toy that lets children discover the solar system. The toy features 8 hand-painted wooden planets, each representing a planet in the solar system. The toy comes with an illustrated booklet explaining the characteristics of each planet. Children can learn while having fun. Ideal for children aged 3 and over.

A fascinating educational product!

The wooden solar system is a fascinating educational product that allows children and adults alike to discover the wonders of the universe. This three-dimensional model faithfully represents the eight planets of the solar system, as well as the sun, moon and asteroid belt. Each planet is carefully carved from natural wood and hand-painted to reflect its unique characteristics. Vivid, realistic colors bring each planet to life, while meticulous details such as craters, rings and satellites add a touch of realism. The wooden solar system also comes with a solid wood stand for proud display on a shelf or desk.