Colorful wooden educational puzzle with playing baby and blue box
Educational wooden puzzle for children
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Educational wooden puzzle for children

29,90 $34,90 $

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Discover our new range of jigsaw puzzles, with three models available: a 155-piece puzzle with and without box, and a small tetris. All made of wood for a better, greener world.

An educational wooden puzzle for children, a game that encourages logic and fine motor skills. This wooden puzzle has 9 pieces, each representing a different animal. Children must replace each animal in its corresponding square on the board. This educational wooden puzzle is a great way to help children develop their logic and fine motor skills.

Fun learning

Introduce your child to geometric shapes with this puzzle. With different shapes to suit your child, he’ll learn while having fun. You’ll be delighted by the smile on his face when he finishes his puzzle. The educational wooden puzzle for children is a toy designed to help children learn and develop. It’s made from high-quality wood and is highly durable. Different shapes and colors of pieces make it fun and interesting for children. Children’s educational wooden puzzles are a great way to help children learn shapes, colors and numbers. They can also be used to help children develop their fine motor skills.

To create geometric shapes

The puzzle consists of several colorful wooden pieces that must be assembled to form a complete picture, representing geometric shapes, animals and objects. Each piece is designed to fit perfectly with the others, allowing children to work on their patience and concentration while learning to solve problems. The puzzle’s design is also very appealing to children, with fun, colorful images that stimulate their imagination and creativity. The different shapes and colors of the pieces also help children learn about colors, shapes and sizes.