Cube maze
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Cube maze

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Our 6-sided cube maze is an original Christmas and birthday gift idea for children. It’s a creative 3D game in which the aim is to move a ball to the other side of the opposite face. It can also pass through each face of the cube.

Cube Maze is a popular board game for children. The aim of the game is to get the small ball out of the maze by sliding the cubes. This game is ideal for children, as it develops their fine motor skills and logic.

With this game, your child can learn to develop.

The magic labyrinth!

This 3D magic cube maze makes a great gift for children. It’s a relaxing game that stimulates hand-eye coordination. Available in 4 colors, it’s a fun family game that’s all about speed. The Cube Maze is a very popular board game with children. The aim of the game is to get out of the maze by rotating the cubes to create a path. This game is ideal for children, as it develops their logic and sense of direction.

An exciting puzzle game

The Cube Maze is an exciting puzzle game that offers hours of fun and stimulating challenges. This solid wood cube is designed with a complex structure of corridors and walls, creating a unique three-dimensional maze that requires patience, concentration and dexterity to solve. The aim of the game is simple: navigate a small marble through the maze until you reach the exit. However, this can prove more difficult than it sounds, as there are many obstacles and the paths can seem dead-end. Players need to think strategically to find the shortest route and avoid the traps that stand in their way.