Ryder Pat Patrol plush
Ryder Pat Patrol plush
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Ryder Pat Patrol plush

19,90 $

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Cuddly toys are great companions for children. Sleeping with it reassures your child at night. Ryder, the energetic little boy from the Patrol Troop, can become your son or daughter\’s faithful friend. He\’ll love our easy-to-sleep plush.

Ryder is the leader of the Pat\’ Patrol. He\’s a little boy who loves to help others and is always ready to take on any challenge. Ryder is smart, brave and very determined. He\’s also very kind and always ready to help. The Pat\’ Patrouille plush Ryder is an excellent companion for children. He\’s soft, cuddly and very endearing. Children will love him and never want to be without him!

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