Two blue and pink bubble bazooka propel colorful bubbles
Bubble Bazooka – Magical refillable colorful bubble propeller
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Bubble Bazooka – Magical refillable colorful bubble propeller

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This year’s flagship toy and star of TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, our magnificent Bubble Bazooka is capable of propelling thousands of bubbles in an instant! Give your child this toy that everyone’s raving about on the networks, and they’ll love it, spending hours having fun with it and bombarding their friends!

Equipped with an LED light, the Bubble Bazooka lets you color the bubbles for an even more incredible effect! Ideal for parties, birthdays and weddings, press the button and transform any venue into a world full of magic..

This year's ultra-trendy toy!

We’re sure you’ve all seen this video showing off the incredible capabilities of this magnificent Bubble Bazooka! The undisputed star of social networks and voted best toy of the year, it’s currently causing a stir on the internet, with children going wild for it, as well as parents, influencers and internet stars with their followers. Practical, durable, lightweight and easy to carry, our Bubble Bazooka charges in less than 60 minutes and can be used for several hours to guarantee long moments of fun! Remove the battery from the handle and recharge easily without taking up space. Made from durable materials, our Bubble Bazooka is designed to last for years!

A magical propellant of colorful bubbles

Our magical refillable colored bubble propeller will delight young and old alike with its incredibly magical effect… With its 69 holes and LED light, the effect of our Bubble Bazooka is incomparable to any other bubble machine! Able to propel thousands of colorful bubbles per minute, press the button and transform the atmosphere and mood of the room in 1/2 second! Even more beautiful when it’s dark out, this accessory is not only a toy that children love, but is also very popular with adults at parties, birthdays and soirées of all kinds. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s the perfect gift idea to immortalize any event in a magical moment! How to use the Bubble Bazooka? 1. Pour 1/2 cup of washing-up liquid into a glass 2. Add 1/2 cup of water 3. Add 2 teaspoons sugar for perfect bubbles 4. Stir gently 5. Pour your mixture into the base 6. Place your Bubble Bazooka on the base and… Bombardeeeez!