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1:16 360° off-road remote-controlled car with hand controls
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1:16 360° off-road remote-controlled car with hand controls

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Would you like to give your child an outdoor toy that combines technology and power? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover our incredible 360° all-terrain remote-controlled car with dual controls for an experience like no other..

Not only can it be controlled in two different ways: by joystick or by hand, thanks to its motion-sensor-equipped watch, but it also boasts features found nowhere else, enabling it to adapt to any environment!

An extraordinary experience

Its dual control mode is one of the most impressive features. A joystick is available for those who wish to have fun in all simplicity, but the watch equipped with its motion sensors guarantees a driving experience that’s completely mind-boggling! Drive and handle this car with the help of ultra-precise sensors, allowing you to steer it with your hand and fingers. An intuitive driving experience that guarantees unparalleled sensations.. Two modes: racing or off-road Dual control: joystick / hand Full 360° rotation Lateral displacement Flexible structure to adapt to all surfaces Power to move over all types of terrain Two-sided rolling capability LED light with ultra-stylish effects Sound effects resembling a real rally car

A compendium of science and technology

All-terrain? You’ve been looking for an all-terrain remote-controlled car that can adapt to any environment? Even on the roughest, rockiest or muddiest roads? With its power and intelligent design, it can go absolutely anywhere, at any speed, even in the toughest environments… Racing or off-road? The choice is yours… Engage the off-road world, and its acrobatic tires and raised chassis will defy all obstacles! Fancy a bit of speed and seeing what it can do on a flat road? Engage the racing world and enjoy all its power! Step into the future with this new-generation remote-controlled car! Thanks to its many functions, you can perform impressive stunts and enjoy its exceptional performance: Perform full 360° drifts at full speed Enjoy an incredible driving experience thanks to hand control Defy obstacles and the environment thanks to its innovative design Hit anything, the car can roll in either direction… Strengthen your bond with your child by discovering the wonderful features of this car together! Operating time: 30 minutes Charging time: 4 hours Range: 50m Battery: 3.7V 1500mah