Choupibou™, the doudou sleeping bag 2-1 with children who are with the sleeping bag
Choupibou™, the doudou sleeping bag 2-1
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Choupibou™, the doudou sleeping bag 2-1

69,90 $119,90 $

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Choupibou™ is an innovative product that combines both a comforter and a sleeping bag for children.

This 2-in-1 product is perfect for parents looking to simplify their lives by having fewer items to carry when traveling with their child. The Choupibou™ comforter is made from soft, comfortable materials, making it perfect for cuddling and sleeping. It also features a zipper that makes it easy to transform into a sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is designed to keep your child warm and comfortable throughout the night, even when it\’s cold. Choupibou™ is available in a variety of fun colors and patterns to appeal to all children\’s tastes.

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