electronic mosquito watch
Rechargeable electronic ultrasonic mosquito watch for children
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Rechargeable electronic ultrasonic mosquito watch for children

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Summer is back and so are the mosquitoes? Then protect your child by giving him or her this magnificent electronic mosquito watch! Not only does it tell the time and give your child an elegant look, but above all, thanks to ultra-sound, it repels all mosquitoes naturally and without chemicals.

Design, rechargeable, water-resistant and child-safe, it’s the perfect accessory for this summer!

The rechargeable electronic ultrasonic mosquito repellent watch for kids is a high-quality, portable electronic device that uses ultrasound to repel mosquitoes. It is highly effective in keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects such as flies, wasps, bees and butterflies. This device is ideal for children, as it’s lightweight and easy to carry. It is also USB rechargeable, making it very practical to use.

The must-have summer watch!

We all love summer, but mosquitoes are not so much… especially children! But thanks to this magic watch, your little one is going to be reconciled with the beautiful summer evenings! All he has to do is wear the watch on his wrist and press the switch to be protected from mosquitoes up to 10 meters away. Stylish and comfortable to wear, your child won’t go out without his new watch! The electronic ultrasonic mosquito repellent watch for kids is a portable, rechargeable device that emits ultrasonic sound waves to repel mosquitoes. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it’s ideal for children and babies. The watch is easy to use, just put it on your wrist and switch it on. It features an LED indicator that lights up when the device is in operation. The watch is rechargeable via a USB port, and can operate for up to 6 hours after a full charge.

Lightweight and comfortable

The rechargeable electronic ultrasonic mosquito watch for children is an innovative product that protects children from mosquito bites in an effective and natural way. The watch is equipped with an ultrasonic device that emits sound waves inaudible to the human ear, but which have a repellent effect on mosquitoes. The watch is specially designed for children, with a playful, colorful design that will appeal to the youngest. It is light and comfortable to wear, and adapts easily to all wrists thanks to its adjustable strap. The watch is also rechargeable, making it practical and economical to use. It has a long-life battery that can operate for several hours after a single charge.