Multifunctional children's alarm clock in the shape of a pink digital mouse on a white background with black front
Multifunctional mouse-shaped alarm clock for children

Multifunctional mouse-shaped alarm clock for children

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Does your child need an alarm clock to help him get up every morning? This mouse-shaped alarm clock is just the thing! Its cute, original design will win your child over. He’ll love seeing it on his bedside table to decorate his bedroom. What’s more, this alarm clock is fully functional. When it’s time to wake up, it will sound an alarm.

Our multifunctional mouse-shaped alarm clock is the ideal accessory for early mornings. It has a multitude of functions, including alarm clock, calendar, clock and alarm, all in one device. What’s more, it features a backlit LCD screen, making it easy to read, even in the dark. Finally, it’s powered by an AA battery, making it easy to use and carry.

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