Children's black needle alarm clock
Double bell alarm clock for children
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Double bell alarm clock for children

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The Children’s Double Bell Alarm Clock is an electronic alarm clock specially designed for children. It’s ideal for them because it lets them wake up at the time they want, without disturbing other family members. The alarm clock also features a small, cute design, perfect for small children. It’s also ideal for children who need to be woken at different times. The alarm clock is easy to use and program. It has a snooze function so he can turn it off as he likes. So don’t wait any longer to order this wonderful alarm clock!

A gentle awakening

This alarm clock is perfect for children, giving them a gentle wake-up call in the morning. The alarm can be set to go off at different times, which is handy if you have several children. The alarm clock also has a snooze function, so kids can go back to sleep after being woken by the alarm if you ever need to. Putting this alarm clock on your little one’s bedside table is also a fun way for him to learn to tell the time. It’s also a fun way for your little one to learn how to tell the time. It’s ideal for children and parents alike. What’s more, the cute design will blend in perfectly with your little one’s bedroom decor! So don’t wait any longer to give your child this wonderful alarm clock – they’ll thank you!

Colorful, playful design

The Children’s Double Bell Alarm Clock is the ideal product to help youngsters get up in the morning independently and easily. With its colorful, playful design, it fits perfectly into a child’s bedroom and quickly becomes a familiar object. This alarm clock is equipped with two bells, enabling a double alarm and therefore greater safety in the event of one of the bells failing. It also features LED lighting, making it easy to read the time in the dark. The adjustment knobs are easy to use and suitable for small children’s hands. The Children’s Double Bell Alarm Clock also features a snooze function, to set the alarm back a few minutes. Practical features and child-friendly design