Cute green alarm clock for kids with dinosaur motif
Cute alarm clock for kids
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Cute alarm clock for kids

27,90 $

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The cute alarm clock for kids is a small electronic alarm clock that runs on AA batteries (not included). It features a pointer dial with a cute animal design inside. And a button for setting the time to your liking. The cute kids\’ alarm clock also features a snooze function, so kids can go back to sleep after the alarm. It has a soft, pleasant alarm, which is soothing so you can use it at times when you need a little peace and quiet. What\’s more, it\’s easy to use and program, making it ideal for children to learn to tell the time in a fun way. So don\’t wait any longer and order this cute clock now and your child will be as happy as a clam! You won\’t regret it!

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1 x Pile AA (non incluse)