Children's alarm clock in the shape of a blue and green dinosaur on a white background
Children’s dinosaur alarm clock

Children’s dinosaur alarm clock

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Here’s the solution to keep your child up late for school. This cute dinosaur-shaped alarm clock will wake him up at the right time every day. Simply set it to his wake-up time. This accessory will emit an alarm to wake him up, even if he’s in a deep sleep.

This beautiful dinosaur alarm clock is the perfect accessory for little dinosaur fans! Not only is it very cute, it’s also very functional, as it features an alarm that will help your child wake up gently in the morning.

What’s more, this alarm clock is also equipped with a backlight, making it perfectly visible in the dark. Finally, it has a snooze button, so your child can go back to sleep peacefully should he wake up in the middle of the night.

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