Colorful wooden worm catching toys
Wooden toys for catching worms
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Wooden toys for catching worms

14,90 $19,90 $

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Wooden worm-catching toys are a great choice for kids who like to explore nature and discover new things. Made from durable, environmentally-friendly materials, these toys are designed to encourage children to get outside and have fun.

The game includes an array of small, colorful worm-shaped elements, with a magnet at the end. The aim of the game is to catch these worms using the stick supplied with the set. This helps develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while introducing them to life underground.

Hunting flora and fauna

Everyone loves the game of catching insects. Let yourself be seduced by this toy where your child’s aim is to catch them using a stick. A fun moment to share with your child. Wooden worm-catching toys are also educational, helping children to develop hand-eye coordination, concentration and patience. They’re also ideal for indoor or outdoor activities, and can be used alone or in groups.

To develop motor skills

Wooden worm-catching toys are a great way to encourage children to play creatively and imaginatively, while developing their fine motor skills. These toys are made from natural wood, making them environmentally friendly and durable. The game involves using a small wooden stick with a magnet at the end to catch colorful plastic worms. Children can have fun trying to catch the worms using different techniques and competing against each other. The worms are attractive and help children learn about colors.