Blue Patrol image projector on a table with patterns
Patrouille Image Projection Device
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Patrouille Image Projection Device

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If your kids are Patrol fans, give them this projection device that projects pre-recorded images. They’ll be able to set off on a mission just like their favorite characters. Sturdy and easy to handle, this projection device is child-friendly. Batteries included.

The Patrol Image Projector is a lightweight, portable projection device that can project images onto any flat surface. It’s easy to operate and can be used for any child.

3D projection device for children

Playful and original, this projection device for your children will enable them to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite Pat Patrouille characters. The Patrol image projection device is a compact, lightweight digital projection device. It’s easy to transport and use, making it ideal for vacations, business trips or outdoor projections. The Pat Patrouille image projector is a portable projection device that projects images and videos onto any flat surface. It’s ideal for kids and adults who enjoy watching movies and TV shows with family and friends. The Patrouille image projector is easy to use and transport, making it ideal for vacations or family weekends.

Innovative and fun

The Patrol image projection device is an innovative, fun product that lets children discover their favorite heroes from the famous animated series. The device is equipped with a powerful LED lamp that projects sharp, bright images onto the walls or ceiling of the child’s room. The device’s design is highly appealing to children, with a dog-head shape reminiscent of the series’ main characters. The bright colors and meticulous details make this device very realistic and immersive for children. In short, the Patrol image projection device is a fun, playful and educational product for children. It lets them discover