Paw Patrol figurine in a white and green explorer-style 4x4
Pat’Patrouille action figure
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Pat’Patrouille action figure

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A moment your child won’t forget, Pat’Patrouille figurines are there to make your child’s day. After watching an episode, they can continue to have fun with their favorite characters in their room with these figurines.

The Pat’Patrol figurine is an officially licensed product of the animated TV series Paw Patrol. The figurine is made of plastic and measures approximately 9 cm in height. Kids will love playing with this figurine of their favorite Paw Patrol character!

It’s painted in the colors of the Paw Patrol uniform and comes with a base to stand on.

Figurines for the greatest pleasure

These figurines can be used to create the story your child dreams of. Let your child’s imagination run wild as he invents the best Patrol story possible. The Patroller figurine is an officially licensed product of the famous animated TV series. The figurine is made of high-quality plastic and measures around 9 cm in height. The details of the figurine are meticulous and the rendering is very realistic. Children will love playing with this figurine of their favorite character. Patrol is the perfect figurine for fans of this animated TV series! Patrol fans will love this figurine!

A must-have toy for all fans

The Pat’Patrouille figurine is a must-have toy for all fans of the famous animated series. This figurine features one of the iconic Pat’Patrouille characters, a team of heroic dogs who work together to protect their city and help its inhabitants. The figurine is made from high-quality materials, making it strong and durable. The character depicted on the figurine is meticulously detailed, with bright colors and precise features that make him instantly recognizable. Small details such as eyes, ears and paws are carefully sculpted to bring the character to life.