Montessori set of cards and cubes to learn shapes for children
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Montessori set of cards and cubes to learn shapes for children

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Here’s a Montessori set of cards and cubes for children to learn shapes and develop their powers of observation and intellectual gymnastics.

The aim is to reproduce a funny card design using multi-faceted cubes. To do this, you need to match the right colors and the right order of cubes until you obtain the same pattern on the cubes as on the card.

The aim is to increase mental alertness by developing shape and color recognition skills. Indeed, this rapid recognition ability is useful in our daily lives. With this fun game, your children will develop it naturally.

The drawings on the cards are facial expressions (big smiles, grimaces…), drawn in the style of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The cubes are made of durable wood with non-toxic paints; everything is designed for children’s safety.

This game is ideal for children aged 3 and over, but also for senior citizens and anyone else who wants to have a good time.

Genius developer game

Give your children the means to develop while having fun with you or on their own. This game is also in the spirit of the Montessori school It will bring out the best in your children, with cards featuring funny expressions to be reproduced with the cubes. This game of cards and cubes will help children develop attention to detail and the ability to reproduce images quickly. Spend a relaxing moment with your children, when you come home from work for example, and observe their daily progress. This game can also be taken anywhere, to friends’ or grandparents’ homes, or even on vacation.

An innovative educational tool!

The Montessori Shape Cards and Cubes Game is an innovative educational tool designed to help children develop their understanding of geometric shapes. This game is perfect for children aged 3 to 6 who are learning the basics of geometry. The game consists of high-quality wooden cards and cubes, each representing a different geometric shape. The cards are designed to match the cubes, with a picture of each shape on one side of the card and a written description on the other.