Wooden memory puzzle with colored pieces
Wooden memory puzzle
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Wooden memory puzzle

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This memory puzzle in natural wood and eco-friendly paint is perfect for stimulating children’s cognitive development. The sticks are similar to those used in chess, and come in different colors to help children find their way in space. This helps children’s hand-eye coordination.

This wooden puzzle is an excellent tool to help children develop their memory and fine motor skills. There are 10 pieces in this puzzle, each representing a different animal. Children need to use the clues on the cards to find the right place for each piece. This puzzle is a great way for children to develop their concentration and patience.

Memorization in 3D!

This 3D memory puzzle is an interesting concept for developing children’s coordination. It stimulates fine motor skills and color recognition. The wooden memory puzzle is an excellent tool for developing children’s memory. It’s made from high-quality wood and hand-painted in bright, attractive colors. The puzzles are easy to assemble and take apart, making them perfect for children of all ages. They can be used at home or at school to teach patience, concentration and hand coordination.

Solid and fun!

The wooden memory puzzle is an educational, fun and stimulating game for children. Made from high-quality materials, this puzzle is designed to help children develop their memory, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The puzzle is made up of several colorful wooden pieces that need to be placed in the right order to form a complete picture. The pieces are all different and feature a variety of geometric shapes, making the game even more interesting and stimulating. With its colorful pieces and sturdy board, it’s sure to become a favorite with families and teachers everywhere.