Wooden learning board with coloured elastics
Wooden graphic learning board
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Wooden graphic learning board

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Discover our wooden nail training board. Children can make geometric shapes, improving their hand-brain coordination. The wooden board is covered with a rubber surface for a more creative experience.

The wooden graphic learning board is an ideal tool for learning the basics of drawing and painting. It’s made from high-quality wood, making it strong and durable. The board’s smooth surface enables children to draw easily and effortlessly. The board’s rounded edges are ideal for preventing injuries. The board is also easy to clean after each use.

Cognitive mathematics!

This nail board is an educational toy that helps children with spatial cognitive intelligence, as well as hand-brain coordination for creating shapes. The nail board is made of high-quality, burr-free wood. This learning board is practical for children who like to create geometric shapes. Children love to learn new things, especially if they can do it in a fun way. Wooden toy assembly boards are a great way for children to develop their building and spatial thinking skills. They also learn to handle tools, follow instructions and work with different parts.

An essential educational tool for children

The wooden graphic learning board is an essential educational tool for children learning to write and draw. Made from high-quality wood, this board is designed to help children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while improving their ability to draw straight lines, circles and geometric shapes. The board features a smooth, durable wooden top with specially designed grooves to guide the pencil or pen in the right direction. Children can practice drawing straight lines, curves and angles, helping them to better understand the basic concepts of writing and drawing.